Business idea: [Comprehensive] 20 easy products you can start manufacturing in Nigeria and sell on cokodeal.


If you’re a business person in Nigeria, you are always looking out for opportunity to make more money and possibly scale your income, well here’s one way to go about it- you can go into small scale manufacturing. We curated a comprehensive list of product lines you could venture into to start making money, and with a platform like cokodeal to promote what your produce, you can get people to supply to.

Chalk production

Shoe making

Ankara and bag making

Match sticks or candle production

Palm oil production,

Garri production and packaging

Fruit juice production and packaging plats

Custom Beads Making

Exercise Book Production

Ice block production

Cassava chips production

Production of cold water starch

Pure Water Manufacturing Business

Yoghurt Production

Processing Nigerian Vegetable for export

Frozen Chicken Production

Plantain flour production

Insecticide manufacturing

Soap and detergents manufacturing

Leather Belt Manufacturing

Caustic soda production

Wrapping this up, there are opportunities abound in the Nigerian manufacturing sector and with the Government working towards diversification into the non-oil sect of the economy, Nigeria has started looking within. Reformations are going on in the country and especially in the manufacturing sect. It is a huge opportunity to invest in manufacturing, and with a platform like cokodeal to source local manufacturers in Africa, Manufacturing can be very profitable.

Did we cover everything on the list? what other small scale manufacturing business one can do in Nigeria and start selling on cokodeal marketplace?