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Nigeria Export Workshop Home Training DVD


The current foreign exchange challenges in our nation have made the exportation of non-oil products become very imperative. The current situation also underscores the fact that there is no better time to do export business profitably than now. So it is wisdom for Nigerian businesses especially Importers and SMEs to diversify into non-oil export business. The question then is, how do we join in this export mission project to rescue our country and at the same time earn some foreign exchange?
That is what this intensive workshop DVD seeks to address. After watching this video, you will be able to understand the export business challenges and how to overcome them, handle documentations without stress, you will be equipped with skills needed to effectively market and sell your products to buyers abroad, you will be empowered to anticipate the risks inherent in export business and design different strategies to mitigate them. Other areas of discourse at the workshop DVD will include strategies to developing a bankable business, forming essential relationships, sustainability opportunities for small businesses, good manufacturing practice – standards, quality, and packaging. 

Unlike other export trainings where participants are left alone after the training, the Nigeria Export Workshop team will continually follow up and mentor all participants until they succeed. The training DVD also focus on practical ways how to start on a very small scale with local products and foodstuffs you can source for around you (for as low as N20,000) and sell for up to 900% profits. We will also show you to start export business from the comfort of your bedroom with the use of our cutting-edge technology, that will connect you to buyers abroad. This is indeed a NEW innovation in the history of export business in Nigeria that you can’t afford to miss. Order for the Nigeria Export Workshop DVD now and get access to foreign buyers abroad!


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