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Africa's largest export platform -

With thousands of traders in Africa and International buyers across global markets.

Highly positioned advert on cokodeal position your offering in front of international prospects.

Many unknown local brands that have become successful internationally leveraged on the cokodeal platform to reach new markets.

Providing them with our well-tailored technical support to create business expansion and  happy business community abroad.



Why advertise with Cokodeal

  • Multi-platform capabilities which gives supports for targeted and wider reach of your ad campaigns to any particular country within the platform

  • Average monthly page views of 50000 with a steady average monthly site traffic increase rate of at least 30%

  • Over 1000 on-platform subscribers and thousands of network traders in database across Africa.

  • Cokodeal has over 13,000 twitter followers, over 2,500 likes on Facebook

  • We have access to over 800,000 subscribers through our trade networks



Other Benefits from working with cokodeal:

  • Aiming to be Africa’s largest hub for trade of locally made goods; hence increasing number of business-minded Africans conducting high volume of business transactions daily

  • Cokodeal has a professional up-to-date blog with regular posts and a dedicated team of bloggers ready to review and advertise brands, trends or individual products.

  • We have a capable design team that is available to create custom banners

  • We can create one-off tailored packages to suit your brand.

  • We offer a ‘no ties’ system by which your brand may pay month-to-month or on a one-off situation.  





Cokodeal offers a whole range of packages to suit your brand’s needs, from premium monthly packages to one off custom deals.

Due to the natural placement of banners and professional look of Cokodeal, banner packages are extremely limited and exclusive; booking in advance is highly advisable.

We offer a no ties system and packages are available in monthly slots; you retain the right to cancel any time.



Best Boutiques Package

  • Placement on our best store pages.

  • Blog articles and store mentions in articles.

  • Mentions on our social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pin-interest




Banner sizes and placement on site


Priority Homepage Marketplace -Premium banner


Priority Homepage Marketplace -Premium side banner (2)




Marketplace Medium- slide banners (2)




Marketplace Deal banner (2)


Marketplace Footer banner



Category Premium Header Banner




Category footer banner



Blog pages banner size



Tailored package

If your brand has a specific requirement, e.g. product review or blog article, we’re happy to offer a custom tailored package. For more information and enquiries contact us at or or call 08163229560

We are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of Cokodeal and therefore will only take on projects of value to our readers.

All brand banners and artwork must be approved by our advertising team before going live. If you require a custom made banner our design team is on hand to create one to your specification.



 Methods of payments will be discussed when you choose to progress with your selected package.

We offer a variety of packages, which can be purchased on a monthly basis. We work on a rolling month-to-month contract, meaning no long-term ties for your brand. You may cancel your package with us at any time.


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For more information and enquiries contact us at or or Whatsapp +2348163229560