About Cokodeal

COKODEAL - Controlling Trade Across Africa - To feed the world

Cokodeal.com is Africa's largest Foodstuff and Commodities export e-commerce platform.

Subscribers can create a self-managed online store, to promote goods produced in Africa to customers in Africa and the global market.

It was launched in 2013 with company registration No 1165256: with the mission to connect intra-inter Africa trade to the global market.

With numerous traders and businesses spread across Africa, we see an urgent need for providing better outreach capability to promote and connect African businesses, thereby supporting trade and export for African businesses.

Over the years, we have served local manufacturers, farmers, textile, solid minerals, miners, government agencies & crafts all across Africa to grow. We have been able to partner with organizations and government bodies in support of our vision; to connect intra-inter Africa trade to the global trade. We have helped to connect our subscribers with customers across Africa and beyond.

Our customers are central to what we do at Cokodeal. Our technical support, search engine optimization, business listings and tools has helped our subscribers succeed. As we continue to increase – in exposure across Africa, the scope of our offerings will increase in variety to better serve the African people.

Our vision: To elevate the wellbeing of Africans through trade.

Our mission: To connect intra-inter Africa trade to the global market.

Goal: Our marketplace enhances easy access to businesses and collates all goods produced in Africa for easy reach and export.

Our motivation: Africa cannot be a dominant consumer continent; it will not aid its growth. To expose, promote and export our product to make Africa a trade hub.

We are confident that with cokodeal.com, your business has got that potential of gaining new customers that you desire and beyond!

Join us today and GET MORE CUSTOMERS across Africa and beyond!