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6 practical tactics on how to gain a following on Nairaland for your business

Nairaland is one of Nigeria’s most famous and trafficked sites. According to Alexa, Nairaland is ranked the 8th most trafficked sites in Nigeria. The famous platform is a big, broad discussion forum for Nigerians. Covers dozens of topics including romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment. If you’re running an online business and looking at driving some traffic to your online store in Nigeria, you would be missing if you’re not taking advantage of this online resource to improve number of visitors to your store. Why do you need to promote your online store? well if your aim is to become a top seller, then you dont want to leave attracting customers to your store to chance because others on the platform would be doing a lot to attract customers to their stores.  So it is not enough to just own an online store, you have to put in effort on your own to do beyond the normal if you want to make top seller. Having said that, Nairaland presents a great opportunity for online business owners to gain valuable customers, however it is more of an art than just being on the platform,  So on this post, we will look at some tactics to help you gain following on Nairaland for your business, lets get it right away:

1. Create interesting threads

Users on Nairaland platform can create interesting threads (topics) for others to come and share thoughts and experience. Always let your topics be educational rather than promotional. People dont care about who you are or what you sell, what they care about is what is in it for themselves. So your topics should be interesting such that it can relate to the set of people you are targeting. Lets say for example on your store on cokodeal, you sell fresh catfish and you have gained reasonable experience over the years doing the business. You can create a thread to share your experience in the business, your ups and downs, real life experience to people out there who might be in such business or intending to be. On my observation on people who have made huge impact on Nairaland, people whose contents have been able to impact people, teaching them new things, showing them new ideas and sharing experience create good following while on the stack contrast are those who write ‘bait content’; these people are seen as frauds. So when creating a content on any topic, be sure to give out valuable information, this helps people to trust you and value your content. Giving out valuable content doesn’t mean giving your business formula, it means contents that should educate, entertain or inspire others to become better.

2. Display your knowledge as a thought leader in your field

Part of the reasons why you should create threads is that you want to show yourself as a thought leader on your field. Being a thought leader means you show people you know every aspect of your business or atleast you can command your terrain well enough. When you do that, people can trust your comment and authority. Although the Nairaland platform hasn’t really done much in providing interface that helps recognize top contributors, you can differentiate yourself by creating a signature for every of your content so people would always identify you. Once people can see you as a thought leader, it doesn’t seem like you’re selling anything to them when you refer them to a link to your online store because they know you’ve added something positive to them and you wont con them off their hard earned money.

3. Help people solve their problems by providing constructive solutions

There are loads of people on Nairaland with one question or another.  Be sure to participate in threads where you can exhibit your ultimate knowledge. Provide solutions and leave a signature after every comment and a link (if possible) to your online store on cokodeal.

4. At first hand, let people know who you are and what you stand for

Don’t be hesitant to let people know what you are good at because you never know if you’re talking to potential customers. Do well to let people know what you stand for, so people can identify you and take you serious, then it becomes easy for them to trust your content.

5. Tactically refer people to your online store by leaving a link

On every thread, your comment should be accompanied by a link to your online store. It is not a bad idea to let people know somewhere in your contents you own an online store where you sell your products. People appreciate business people with integrity. By coming open at one point in your conversations and leaving a link to your online store would be a good practice.

6. Prepare a two line pitch sentence for your business with a signature including your store name and a link to your online store. While browsing round Nairaland, you could find interesting content that requires you to pitch what you do, dont hesitate to provide this two-line pitch which says precisely what you do and then encourage them to click to view your online store.

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