Nigeria women in Made in Nigeria business

Are Nigerian business women the back-bone of our economy? This changed it.

Nigerian women are known to be industrious.
It is almost as if they are born with trade in their genes. Go to every corner in Nigeria, you would find one or two mini shops run by women- meeting the needs of Nigerians daily.
From fashion designing, Ankara attires, shoe making, bag making, soap making… you name it- The Nigerian women are representing.
Few years back, the craze for imported goods flood the heart of Nigerians; possibly due to the how hard it is to get their products out there, they are satisfied with just areas within their geolocation. But today, technology has broken this barrier. We now have stay-at-home entrepreneur women making their money big time just by having a computer with an internet connection. The online medium helps them sell to customers far beyond their reach.
Whatever you produce in your room, your small shop, the world deserves to know.

Give it a voice.
So you have that product you just produced and you really want to get it out there and gain traction? Here are some ways to do that online and make traction and more sales:
Step-by-step guide on how to promote your made in Nigeria product online
• Create your product
• Have a system to display and sell your products and services online
• Promote your product
• Follow up to keep you customer for life
• Make your money

So now you have your product and you want to promote it online, take this step by step action:
1. Have a system to display and sell your products and services online
In technical terms, this is your landing page- the page where your prospects lands when they see your advert somewhere online. This page does one major thing, converts prospects to customers. Your sales page should contain content that can convince your prospects to buy.
You can create you online presence using the following options:
• Create a landing page
• Create a page on social media; Facebook page, Instagram Page, etc
• Create a website
• Create an online store: These days we have several online store providers in Nigeria, However your choice should be based on one that can give you ultimate result in the long run in terms of sales, brand awareness, support for global reach. These providers charge subscription fee or commission per sales basis.
Your online presence is like your physical shop where customers come to see what you do and sell. You should arrange and keep it such that it is presentable, with enticing offers that your prospects would want to come back again and again. Be like the Igbo people- they rarely let a prospect go without buying one thing or another from them.
2. Promote your product
Run paid Social media Ad
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Google Ad

Online marketplace
Online marketplace is a model of our brick n mortal marketplace where there are loads of sellers and buyers doing business. The sellers are competing for the buyers in whichever way they can. You can always promote your made-in-Nigeria products there. Few marketplaces focus on selling made-in-Nigeria so you have to create a good strategy to gain customers.
General thoughts on running your ads for your product online
1. Run online contests and giveaways
2. Be sure to include testimonials on your page
3. Be close to your community and educate them about your product.
4. Always ensure your social media ads links back to your online sales page where they can get your offers in details and make buying decision.
5. Ensure your ads are straight to the point and has price tags on them so to fish out the serious buyers from unserious ones.
6. Pay-per-click means you pay per any click on your ad. Depending on the advertiser you’re using. For example, for Google’s PPC you have to bid for keywords to use in creating your ads. Google matches user’s search queries on with your ad keywords to display your ads. So you must have done your research to know what kind of keywords your prospects are likely to use on google.
7. Facebook’s PPC helps you budget certain approximate amount you can spend daily. They then calculate approximate amount of people your ad can reach based on your budget. Be sure to do a lot of targeting so as to meet the right people you want and prevent unnecessary clicks that can cost you money without reasonable result.

Give your made-in-Nigeria product a voice with is not just a marketplace. It is committed to connecting local business women with foreign and local buyers in packaged food stuffs, agro-products, and fashion attires like Ankara, lace, and campala. They provide exciting services to help local businesses in Nigeria and Africa grow globally. Some service include: online launching, blog posts mentions, featured blog posts, social media hype and mentions and Cokodeal marketplace.
What Cokodeal does for you
Imagine having all that have been said all in one package? Not all of us have the time or technical knowhow to run online ads or promotions. But with Cokodeal you have a service and a marketplace to help you grow your business selling your locally made products online.
Cokodeal is a trusted brand for selling made-in-Nigeria goods. Their services include:
• Global brand awareness
• Intra-Africa market entry
• Made-in-Nigeria product sales support
• Online hype and promotion
• Digital marketing support
So what made in Africa product are you selling or producing, join hundreds of Nigerian women out there growing their business with Cokodeal.

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This content is created by Cokodeal to support our Nigerian women to sell more of their made-in-Nigeria products for a better diversified Economy.

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