Opportunities of agro export through dry inland port in northern Nigeria

Nigeria as a sovereign independent nation with a land mass size of about 927,763 square kilometres which the northern part is having the largest portion with over 65 percent of the total area. In recent times, this land mass has produced more security concern to the nation than its agricultural advantages as it was in the past. We have seen constant threat of life in some states by the armed bandits and constant fear by interested business investors with interest in the region. Also, concern of weak human development with 13.2 million out of school children in Nigeria with majority in the north. Poverty has become a constant disease with no immediate permanent cure in sight A rich agricultural region with its own unique comparative advantage, e.g. soya beans cultivated in Kastina state, ginger in Kaduna, Bambara nut widely cultivated in Jigawa state and Sesame seeds predominantly dominated in Nasarawa state. Each state is capable of being the hub of particular agro product trading it internationally. In a recent courtesy visit to the Kaduna dry inland port by Mr Fisayo Ajibona an international trade manager at cokodeal Limited; a foodstuff and agro commodities export platform. He emphasized more, on the… Read More

This ecommerce helps get US, UK, Europe buyers for foodstuff suppliers in Africa

Cokodeal Limited helps local producers in Nigeria supply stores and warehouses, Nigeria foodstuffs in UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Russia. Cokodeal.com a leading exporter of commodities and foodstuffs platform has launched a direct foodstuffs supply to stores in US and foreign countries, majorly Afro stores and warehouses. Cokodeal Director of Communications Akin Omotere says the company believes the market accessibility is perfectly aligned with company mission to connect intra-Africa trade with global markets, and its vision to improve well-being of Africans through trade. “Afro centric food supply is an incredibly growing market, due to constant migration of Africans to developed nations which has surging demand for local dishes”. The vast majority of Nigeria local producers and suppliers of foodstuffs do not have the know-how or even where to begin, stated Akin. “This is not about family or individual item sourcing through families and friend’s network which is the norm; seamless electronic digital marketplace order, supply to diaspora market stores and warehouse is a game changer and will create access for many hard working local suppliers producing international standard quality goods he confirmed. Cokodeal Director of Communications – Akin Omotere states that To deliver its diaspora African market, Cokodeal has… Read More

Get your small and medium business trade into export market with help of this company.

Nigerian export start-ups are making efforts at curbing federal government’s dependency on crude oil with much harping on agricultural commodities and minerals, which the country has in abundance. MIKE DOLA, CEO, Cokodeal.com, which has become one of Nigeria’s local sourcing and export ecommerce marketplace, in this interview with MABEL DIMMA expounds on the Nigeria export market. Dola also tries to unlock the answers to the big question ‘What is Nigeria?’ in terms of its economic focus.   Can you give us an overview of 2017 and innovations you introduced via your platform?   It was a great year as cokodeal.com drove export revenues and connected hundreds of SMEs to local and foreign buyers to trade; deepening the market, unlocking values in unexpected places and capturing more of the value. Our highest returns came from the Nigerian foodstuff and commodities export market.   For innovation, yes, users can now directly find and message other businesses for deals on the platform; working with Flutter-wave to integrate Rave, a pan-African payment gateway to help Nigerians receive funds internationally. We also launched the Online Trade Fair, which allows users a few days to display goods in order to get massive exposure for leads and sales  … Read More

Cokodeal connecting Africa’s enterprises to $15 trillion international trade market.

By 2018, the African e-commerce market is projected to soar to US$ 50 billion from just US$ 8 billion in 2013 according to reports. To some these figures show gradually the growth of ecommerce in Africa. However there are those who feel Africa should be benefitting more. The huge some of ecommerce transactions and enterprises springing up in the past years have been focusing on serving local markets in Africa.   Perhaps it’s time to start thinking markets outside Africa. Put side by side Africa’s ecommerce projection for 2018 with estimation of over US$15 trillion for annual business-to-business transactions and well over US$1.2 trillion for annual business-to-consumer trade in the world according to UNCTAD, and you see the huge opportunities Africa is yet to tap into.   While a large number of developed countries keep benefitting from international trade, Africa is still lagging; According to eMarketeer (July 2014) the total international B2C trade from the entire Africa and Middle East region represented only about 2.2% of the world’s total in 2013.     How can Africa start picking up on international trade? The invent of internet has made the world a global unit. With just a few clicks from wherever… Read More

Get export contract and foreign buyers on this ecommerce marketplace

Reports say Nigerian export is worth NGN 994.3 billion in June 2017; While a huge sum of this figure is dominated by crude oil export, over the years non-oil export is gradually growing- thanks to Government’s focus to increase foreign exchange. However, while Government get credit for their commendable work over the past few years, we must not forget the incredible impact Technology has had in helping boost foreign exchange. There has been loads of technological products deployed to make life better in health, transportation, communication, trade… etc, perhaps one that’s been impressive for example is cokodeal.com- doing a good job in connecting local manufacturers, suppliers of African produce to global market. Cokodeal is one of Africa’s shining light in the ecommerce industry. Their focus in promoting Africa’s resource to get buyers from the global market is timely and meets specific long term problem technology is yet to solve in Africa; Their subscribers are local farmers, manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, agro products(raw, semi-processed and processed), minerals locally produced and grown in Africa. Suppliers on cokodeal get demands from Europe, Asia, and America trading in products like cocoa seed, sesame seed, cassava, palm kernel seed. They have built a… Read More