Cokodeal Beginners’ guide: How Cokodeal can help you get customers for your products Largest promoter of businesses and their products in Nigeria is your best partner to get your products in front of prospects and customers.

If you’re a small scale manufacturer in Nigeria who’s looking to expand your reach to more customers, ecommerce solutions like cokodeal would be perfect.

As a new user of the cokodeal platform, we would look at what to expect as a cokodeal subscriber

What to expect from cokodeal as a manufacturer

If you’re a small scale manufacturer in Nigeria who’s looking at getting more reach, cokodeal works as a gateway between you and your prospective customers. With your online store which contains Information about your business line of products, business people can contact you for business.

Cokodeal online marketplace

The marketplace is where your business offers are displayed to be seen by prospects who browse to look for those to do business with. When you create your store and upload your products based on category, cokodeal would list your product on the marketplace based on the keywords you use for listing your products.

Note: your keyword should be one easy to locate. Try thinking about what kind of words your prospects would use to search the products you have so your products can appear on the first page on the marketplace search.

Cokodeal on Social media

Cokodeal is active on social media fronting the course to promoting locally made products in Nigeria. Social media is a very intrinsic part of the cokodeal design and its one of the major channels it uses to draw traffic.

Cokodeal Online trade exhibitions

Cokodeal would be conducting the biggest online trade exhibition of African products in Africa. This online event would see business people in Africa make huge sales and increase their business contacts tremendously. Manufacturers can benefit from this a lot because their products can use this opportunity to gain global recognition so easily. Cokodeal would be informing subscribers of upcoming trade exhibition events through its several mediums to get businesses ready.

Cokodeal Trade support

Manufacturers can use the vital information received from several cokodeal mediums like newsletters and blogs to inform them of best practices, trade information, and market insights. This would help our manufacturers to be competitive in the global market.

What to expect from cokodeal as a retailer

Whether you’re a retailer who owns a physical store or an online retailer or both. You would meet thousands of suppliers of products made locally in Nigeria on cokodeal. A retailer’s aim is sourcing for suppliers who can give them best price so as to make reasonable profit after reselling. Resellers can then sell on cokodeal marketplace or any other online marketplace afterwards. The idea is to source for local suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers on cokodeal for B2B connection.

Typical informal market
Typical informal market in Nigeria

Cokodeal provides retailers with varieties of options to get suppliers who can meet their business needs. For example, A shoe maker in Aba can sell to a retailer who wants to sell shoes in Lagos. The retailer would  send quotations to manufacturers who sells at manufacturers’  price. Transactions like these can help improve profitability to a retailer who has access to thousands of suppliers who can supply her what she wants at her preferred cost.


What are the best free online resources you can use to boost traffic to your online store?

It is one thing to own an online store, it is another to drive traffic to your online store. Driving traffic means getting as many as possible people to view your online store and see what you sell. Aside from running an internal ad on cokodeal which can help boost traffic to your store, it is also a good practice not to rest on your oars. So here are some online resources you can leverage to generate traffic to your online store on cokodeal.


According to Alexa, Nairaland is ranked the 8th most trafficked site in Nigeria. Nairaland is a big, broad discussion forum for Nigerians. Covers dozens of topics including romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment. With over half a million members. It is one of Nigeria’s best online platform to connect with people and share what you do. However you must take note that there are tactics to gain a following on Nairaland for your business. Knowing the best way to blend along with other people would help you gain reasonable traffic to your online store on cokodeal.


This social media platform provides you with the ability to share quality content about your products, new designs, and other vital information with people. The beautiful thing is you can encourage your followers to share your content to their own followers. As a seller online, sharing quality pictures, running online competitions, commenting on others status etc would give you strong following and sharing of your contents.


This is another quality resource you can use to boost traffic to your store. Try joining and participating on Facebook groups, commenting on people’s updates and sharing quality information. It is also an opportunity to show yourself as a leader in your field of business. So a good content every now and then in relation to your field of business can help people see you as an expert. But you should be moderate about it so as not to bore people as same time.

What kind of content to share ?

The whole essence of sharing interesting and quality content is to create a following on these platforms. However you should also know beforehand that gaining followers take time; so consistency should be in the mix as well.

what makes up a quality content?

A lot of people have different definition of ‘quality’ . However the bottom line is to share contents that are educative. People should be able to learn or confirm a certain knowledge of something. Use your contents as a way to provide solution to your followers.

6 practical tactics on how to gain a following on Nairaland for your business

Nairaland is one of Nigeria’s most famous and trafficked sites. According to Alexa, Nairaland is ranked the 8th most trafficked sites in Nigeria. The famous platform is a big, broad discussion forum for Nigerians. Covers dozens of topics including romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment. If you’re running an online business and looking at driving some traffic to your online store in Nigeria, you would be missing if you’re not taking advantage of this online resource to improve number of visitors to your store. Why do you need to promote your online store? well if your aim is to become a top seller, then you dont want to leave attracting customers to your store to chance because others on the platform would be doing a lot to attract customers to their stores.  So it is not enough to just own an online store, you have to put in effort on your own to do beyond the normal if you want to make top seller. Having said that, Nairaland presents a great opportunity for online business owners to gain valuable customers, however it is more of an art than just being on the platform,  So on this post, we will look at some tactics to help you gain following on Nairaland for your business, lets get it right away:

1. Create interesting threads

Users on Nairaland platform can create interesting threads (topics) for others to come and share thoughts and experience. Always let your topics be educational rather than promotional. People dont care about who you are or what you sell, what they care about is what is in it for themselves. So your topics should be interesting such that it can relate to the set of people you are targeting. Lets say for example on your store on cokodeal, you sell fresh catfish and you have gained reasonable experience over the years doing the business. You can create a thread to share your experience in the business, your ups and downs, real life experience to people out there who might be in such business or intending to be. On my observation on people who have made huge impact on Nairaland, people whose contents have been able to impact people, teaching them new things, showing them new ideas and sharing experience create good following while on the stack contrast are those who write ‘bait content’; these people are seen as frauds. So when creating a content on any topic, be sure to give out valuable information, this helps people to trust you and value your content. Giving out valuable content doesn’t mean giving your business formula, it means contents that should educate, entertain or inspire others to become better.

2. Display your knowledge as a thought leader in your field

Part of the reasons why you should create threads is that you want to show yourself as a thought leader on your field. Being a thought leader means you show people you know every aspect of your business or atleast you can command your terrain well enough. When you do that, people can trust your comment and authority. Although the Nairaland platform hasn’t really done much in providing interface that helps recognize top contributors, you can differentiate yourself by creating a signature for every of your content so people would always identify you. Once people can see you as a thought leader, it doesn’t seem like you’re selling anything to them when you refer them to a link to your online store because they know you’ve added something positive to them and you wont con them off their hard earned money.

3. Help people solve their problems by providing constructive solutions

There are loads of people on Nairaland with one question or another.  Be sure to participate in threads where you can exhibit your ultimate knowledge. Provide solutions and leave a signature after every comment and a link (if possible) to your online store on cokodeal.

4. At first hand, let people know who you are and what you stand for

Don’t be hesitant to let people know what you are good at because you never know if you’re talking to potential customers. Do well to let people know what you stand for, so people can identify you and take you serious, then it becomes easy for them to trust your content.

5. Tactically refer people to your online store by leaving a link

On every thread, your comment should be accompanied by a link to your online store. It is not a bad idea to let people know somewhere in your contents you own an online store where you sell your products. People appreciate business people with integrity. By coming open at one point in your conversations and leaving a link to your online store would be a good practice.

6. Prepare a two line pitch sentence for your business with a signature including your store name and a link to your online store. While browsing round Nairaland, you could find interesting content that requires you to pitch what you do, dont hesitate to provide this two-line pitch which says precisely what you do and then encourage them to click to view your online store.

Becoming a top seller on cokodeal: How to define your sales process

If your aim is becoming a top seller on cokodeal marketplace,you need a proper sales process designed. A robust sales process will help you maximize the performance of your sales effort, encourage growth and attract more qualified leads. The major importance of sales process is it introduces structure and system to your business and this can help you:
1. standardize your process
2. Ensure improvement on each stages of the process
3. Ensure best practices are replicated
4. Ensure everyone in your team has access to the tools and techniques known to deliver the best results and the highest conversion rates.

So whats a sales process?

A sales process is an approach to selling goods and services. In a more elaborate definition, sales process is the Set of steps aimed at initiating and supporting the identification and evaluation of likely customers (prospects), sales presentation, and successful conclusion of sales activities. It requires a close coordination of people, equipment, tools, and techniques, and includes advertising and promotion.
In another definition, A sales process (or sales pipeline) is the journey sales teams take prospects on to encourage them to become a customer.

What are the major processes involved in a sales pipeline?

Basically, there are about six processes involved in the sales pipeline and proper defining these processes helps you better engineer your own sales process:

  1. Prospecting/initial contact

Prospecting is the identification and evaluation of likely customers(prospects)- with prospecting you are saying who are those with  buying authority, financial capacity and are willing to buy? Once a seller identifies a visitor to his store, he should engage the visitor to confirm if the visitor is qualified to be a customer in the long run. Prospecting would also help a store owner know how ready a visitor is and how best to move them up the sales process. Another best practice is to do a little research on your visitor who can be an individual or company. This can give you insight as to their financial capabilities and other vital information to qualify visitor as a prospect.  go ahead to research the client or company on how best to meet their needs. Without visits to your online store, one cannot have prospect,  on cokodeal marketplace, one can generate enough visits to their stores through cokodeal ads packages in which sellers then take these visitors through the stages of their sales process.

2.   Qualify/identify and cross questioning

Alongside your prospecting phase, cross questioning and can help you have a glimpse of vistor to know if she is fit for you to commit your resources in communicating and pushing further into the sales pipeline. Asking some vital questions in line to the requirements of your business would help you know if certain visitor is likely to be your customer in the end. Some store owners on cokodeal would ask you first hand if you can meet some certain order requirements. Some can ask you how soon you want to get orders shipped. Not everyone who contacts you would be your customer; and knowing the key identifiers to help you screen out the ones likely to be your customer is what this stage is al about.

3.   Need assessment

Assessing needs require you examining the resources your have compared to perceived gap between the conditions prospects are in and where they ought to be in some cases. Your ability to pick the vital information and provide an on-point solution is key. However situations may not always be in this consultative model where prospects pour out their pains to you. In most times a seller on cokodeal make inquiries on specific products, it is for the seller to identify if he can meet such demand. Assessing what resource is required to meet a request to see if your business can meet such demands is what is needed on this stage.

4.   Presentation

Providing a solution to meet prospects need is what this stage is all about. your solution should be such that it spells out the benefits prospects would gain and should be enough to lure prospects to patronize you in the midst of competitions. you should do a proper job of identifying customers needs, and presenting a irresistible offers with benefits that buyers cant resist. Note that you should be careful enough to know benefits has to be thought through carefully such that it can benefit both you and your prospects.

5.   Decision

You have presented your prospect with an enticing solution, he sees the benefits and he is showing interest. It is time for the buyer to make a buying decision. Most times it is not as smooth you offering and prospects just jumping at your offers. You must be able to anticipate objections and be sure to handle them. Your ability to handle prospects objections would help your prospects be more confident to make the final buying decision. There are several sales techniques top sales people use to handle objections, Get some handy and use them whenever you’re in contact with your prospects.

6.    Follow up

Your visitor has successfully moved down the sales pipe to close. He is now a customer.Your followup is to nurture, appreciate and reward your customers for doing business with you. This stage is very vital as you want to be able to keep your paying customers as they can be a good asset for bringing other paying customers through referrals.

Can your sales process be automated?

The essence of sales process automation is such that the process of moving visitors up through the sales pipeline to closing is done with little or no human intervention. There are software solutions which helps business people automate their sales process such that it can ease business people involvement in all activities involved in the sales pipeline. In the world of e-commerce and selling online, handling all incoming inquiries and orders to your business may be too much for you. Yet if you don’t handle all of them, you’ll lose potential customers to your competitors. A way out is to incorporate the use of online forms in your sales process. An online form can help you collect lead contact information which can be ab automatic way to collect contact information that you’ll use to start the selling process later. You can set up an auto responder to reply to their email, based on keywords or fields that they filled out on your form. However, it is important to note that an auto-responder is NOT a substitute for a direct response from you at some point, but the immediate auto response does help to reduce any impatience on your potential customer’s part. You’ll also have an

To wrap up, an underlying ingredient common in the entire sales process is communication. While your prospects move through the sales pipeline, you can agree a need for constant communication between the seller and buyer. On cokodeal for example, a seller has a built in mailing application which helps sellers and buyers communicate throughout the period of transaction plus online Shopping Carts which sellers can use to automate their selling process.

Do you have any question as regards sales process? share and lets talk about it.

10 things customers say they want and can make you a top seller


Are you new to business or aiming to grow your business? From a research here is what we found out that differentiates top sellers from the rest? According to a research by the Rain Group, buyers reveal why they prefer buying from some sellers over the others:

#1 ‘Educated me with new ideas or perspectives’
Your customers wouldn’t need any help if they could figure it out themselves- in fact even if they had a solution handy, they probably would want to explore other solutions and see which is best for them. Providing customers with innovative ideas and perspective to solving their problems is what top seller do expertly according to research and that’s what any seller should do to boost sales. Some business people create blog posts, some e-books or short videos to proffer new ideas or perspectives to solving certain problems.

#2 ‘Collaborated with me’

Customers don’t want to be seen as those being coined out of their money. When customers come to you for solution, they don’t want to be left out of the action. They have a taste of what they want, how they want to be served, do well to listen to them and give them what they want.

#3 ‘Persuaded me we would achieve results’

Customers wants to know if you can deliver. It is your responsibility to prove to her you can deliver and that you can provide the results she wants. Provide every necessary information is possible to lay your claim. Show samples, customer reviews and ratings.

#4 ‘Listened to me’

How do you know how to solve a problem when you don’t know the problem in the first place? The only way to understand a customer’s problem is to listen carefully to them and try sieve out relevant information- as a matter of fact your customers most times don’t know what they want; it is you who needs to be attentive to know the main pain-points and the best solution to meet their need; and this comes by attentive listening to your customers.

#5 ‘Understood my needs’

The moment you can understand her needs, she is confident she has you to always talk to when problems come, and lastly, You should always let your customers know you understand her problems, this also boosts her confidence in you that you’re listening and connect well with her.

#6 ‘Helped me avoid potential pitfalls’

Helping your customers escape imminent pitfalls can win you loyal customers anytime- it works magic! When you see your business as a place where customers can get solution for their problems(not minding if you have to refer your customers to other sellers), your customers can be sure to come back to you to patronize you when they have a problem. This helps build trust that you can always solve their problems (and in some cases places you as a thought leader in your field) whenever they come in contact with your business.

#7 ‘Crafted a compelling solution’

Providing the best solution wouldn’t cut it, rather a providing a compelling solution would make you a top seller every time. What makes a solution compelling isn’t features or attractiveness- or even in how much benefit your customers can get, but in how accurate your solution can meet customers pain-points. proffering a compelling solution can only come when you understand what the customers want.

#8 ‘Depicted purchasing process accurately’

How smooth have you made the purchase process for your customers and is the purchase process exactly as you depicted to your customers? don’t surprise your customers with hidden processes which can drag or frustrate their purchase process.Let them know before-hand what to expect as they through the process. Finally, Much more than ever, do well to make the purchase process easy and simple as much as possible.

#9 ‘Connected with me personally’

Sales experts have shown over the years that we make our buying decisions largely through emotions. Top sellers do well to connect with their customers emotionally. They listen, understand and connect personally with their customers. They know their customers by name, send mails and complementary greetings to their customers. This helps their customers trust them that much more than the money, the sellers are interested in them and their success.

#10 ‘Overall value from the company is superior to other options’

There would always be competition out there. Your ability to differentiate your business is key; you do this not by listing numerous benefits but the quality of value your customers receive when in contact with your business. Your customers must be able to perceive the quality they receive from your business as superior to other options.