Cokodeal Corporation: Revolutionizing Nigeria’s Rubellite Industry from Oyo to Bangkok

In the heart of Nigeria’s gemstone-rich region lies Oyo State, where Cokodeal Corporation, a prominent player in the country’s mining sector, has been making waves in the global market. With a focus on rubellite, a captivating variety of tourmaline, Cokodeal Corporation has been spearheading efforts to enhance mining operations, improve supply chains, and elevate Nigeria’s position in the international gemstone trade. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable journey of rubellite from Oyo State to Bangkok, underscoring the pivotal role played by Cokodeal Corporation.

Unveiling Rubellite Mining in Oyo State:

With Cokodeal Corporation at the helm, Oyo State’s rubellite mining operations have witnessed significant advancements. Zoe Michelou, the marketing manager for Cokodeal Corporation, shared insights into the intricate process behind this exquisite gemstone’s extraction.

Within the approximately 350 mining pits in Oyo State, rubellite is found in pockets nestled within pegmatites. A team of 10 to 15 miners descend into the pits, which can reach depths of 10 to 20 meters, using sturdy ladders. These skilled miners then blast and tunnel through the pegmatites to extract the coveted rubellite.

To optimize production efficiency, Cokodeal Corporation has introduced innovations such as linking tunnels when production overlaps, ensuring improved air circulation. While some pits utilize excavators and carts for efficient ore removal, larger open-pit operations are also employed. These measures, combined with ongoing plans for mechanization, tunnel redesign, and enhanced air circulation, are set to increase blasting cycles and overall production.

Empowering Miners and Ensuring Quality:

Cokodeal Corporation places great emphasis on the well-being of its miners. In addition to providing essential tools and sustenance, the company offers profit-sharing arrangements based on the value of production. Future plans include the introduction of a comprehensive compensation package encompassing a fixed salary, healthcare benefits, and bonuses tied to production performance.

Remarkably, a single large pocket can yield up to one ton of rubellite, with individual crystals occasionally weighing a staggering 18 kg or more. To safeguard these precious gemstones, Cokodeal Corporation ensures their safekeeping in a secure facility until they are transported to the city of Ibadan for grading, a process that occurs every two to three weeks.

The Path to Bangkok:

Cokodeal Corporation, based in Oyo, Nigeria, has strategically positioned itself to tap into the vast potential of the international gemstone market. With a particular focus on East Asia, the company is actively engaged in selling rough rubellite to esteemed clients, including rough dealers and manufacturers from China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. By establishing a strong presence in these key markets, Cokodeal Corporation is forging valuable connections and nurturing long-term relationships with industry leaders.

To ensure the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction, Cokodeal Corporation is committed to implementing rigorous grading processes for rough rubellite. By prioritizing precise sorting and grading prior to shipment, the company aims to deliver gemstones of exceptional value and maintain a competitive edge in the global market.

Expanding Global Reach:

Presently, the rubellite material undergoes grading in Ibadan, Nigeria, where three to four quality categories are established. However, Cokodeal Corporation has set its sights on broader horizons. The company plans to establish a state-of-the-art facility within Nigeria to conduct the final grading, enabling the training of local experts to create parcels tailored for international clientele. This strategic move not only bolsters Nigeria’s gemstone industry but also fosters local skill development and economic empowerment.

To meet the growing global demand for rubellite, Cokodeal Corporation ensures efficient transportation of the gemstones to Bangkok for final grading and subsequent sale. Notably, many of the rubellite crystals sent to Bangkok weigh 1 kg or more, a testament to the abundance and exceptional quality of Nigerian rubellite.

Conclusion: Cokodeal Corporation is revolutionizing Nigeria’s rubellite industry, catapulting the nation’s gemstone sector onto the global stage. Through their unwavering commitment to advancements in mining operations, improvements in supply chains, and plans for a local grading facility, Cokodeal Corporation is transforming Nigeria into a hub of exceptional rubellite production.

As rubellite continues to captivate international markets with its unparalleled beauty, Cokodeal Corporation stands at the forefront, seamlessly connecting Oyo State’s mining pits to the bustling gemstone markets of Bangkok. With a combination of innovative practices, empowering miner welfare initiatives, and a focus on quality, Cokodeal Corporation is paving the way for Nigeria’s gemstone industry to shine bright on the global map.

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