Cokodeal Invites Partners and Investors to Drive Export Businesses

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Africa is blessed with immense natural resources and its rich soil, which makes it the
epicentre for Agriculture and mineral commodities. There’s a lot the continent has to offer

Africans and the rest of the world as the gap between local production and markets
widen, but sellers and buyers are closed on leveraging technology to bridge it.
For an average business person in Africa, they always have to go the extra mile and do more with lots of resources to be able to access international markets and to find buyers for products, or risk selling within local economies that give low value for production. This and many more reasons are why many farmers are termed poor and the youth are discouraged to go into Agriculture.

The fragmentation of African markets and the lack of connections with genuine buyers globally is limiting its trade effort and potential especially for small and medium business owners.

A recent study by McKinsey shows that if many business owners and graduates in the African continent can have access to trade more seamlessly globally, there will be a drop in unemployment and growth of new industries.
In an interview on Aljazeera, Billionaire Dangote stated that ”Agriculture and ICT has
great potential and that is where to focus now.” There’s a need for African nations to look inward and work towards integration of its markets.

It is important to note here that recent growth in Africa’s economy has been linked
directly to increasing levels of foreign investment, which has been attributed to
improvements to fiscal policies, governance and regulatory frameworks, along with a move to diversify economies away from Africa’s traditional commodities-biased economies. All these create a safe haven for foreign Investments.

More than before, governments need to work towards a more regional integration in
order to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive growth for the continent.
While this gap in regional integration is being created and becoming more and more
obvious, Cokodeal has already set in motion an infrastructure of satisfactorily filling the gap.

Cokodeal, has said it is aiming to integrate more export-based businesses into the
foreign trade to find buyers in UK, USA, Dubai, Canada and Asia markets through its
Coming into operations since 2012, Cokodeal is a digital export platform for foodstuff and commodities produced in Africa. The platform helps to give market access internationally and increase sales for local manufacturers and producers.

Through best-in-class sourcing and negotiation technology, Cokodeal helps local
businesses integrate into global trade, and with its professional advisory, helps alleviate communication gap for semi illiterate traders.
Over the last decade, the company has done a lot in discovering several resources within Africa many never thought existed such as; stone flower, gum Arabic, cobalt, gypsum, scrap copper and other generic ones like coffee, sesame seeds, gold, flowers, ginger, cashew nuts, shea butter..etc. These products are in large demand across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Asian markets as discovered on its platform.

With what Cokodeal is bringing to the fore in Africa, buyers of commodities in foreign markets can directly find organisations to trade with in Africa, all in one place. The illiterate and semi-literate producers can get technical support for putting their products online and reaching millions of potential buyers – light years ahead of what they used to do piling their goods on lorries and carrying them across vast distances. Sellers too can now benefit from sourcing from a verified pool of buyers for which certain controls havebeen put in place to ensure heightened trust in the trade interaction.

The president of Cokodeal organisation, Mr. Mike Dola, in a recent conference: The
African Farmers Stories “Unlocking the food supply chain amidst Covid-19” hosted by Parminder Vir OBE, the co-founder of Support4AfricaSMEs, states that ”market access is critical to the growth of African businesses as without it, it hinders their growth, no better time than now to fully integrate African businesses into global trade”

There’s no doubt that the tides are changing, African Nations are beginning to look within for solutions as the current depreciation of currencies indicates the need for re- strategizing and collaboration within the continent. Recently, the president of Nigeria restricted foreign currencies at bank rates for importation of food items and fertilizers for people to look inward and produce.

Africa’s development must be underpinned by further regional integration and trade
liberalization. While the rest of the world becomes increasingly fractured and disparate, it is time for Africa to create ways to better integrate its fragmented markets which have long constrained growth and acted as barriers to trade.

The Cokodeal platform has curated some of these local producers and the resources
produced by native people is immense. In exploring these large resources, the
organisation welcomes partners and investors to explore this massively growing industry to drive growth for African trade as it directly impacts the lives of many farmers and manufacturers.

Digital accessibility is Africa’s Nexus in strengthening its standard of living and
wellbeing of its people, harnessing these resources and exporting to regions that are
constantly in need of them.
More exports increases the trade balance and strengthens our currencies, consequently causing it to appreciate in value and improve our economies.
There are so many opportunities to tap in the commodities market and there are lots of gaps to fill, and Cokodeal is opening up opportunities to interested investors and

This is with an aim to achieve its vision of helping commodity traders and small business owners in Africa realize their full trade potential and increase their wellbeing through information technology.

The organisation is providing options to become partners and shareholders in the
company, by raising funds and leveraging partners to access larger markets.
This is open to private individuals, business partners and company associates.
Early investors and partners would have a great deal of advantage of joining early as the company becomes very valuable and more attractive to larger investors.

The Cokodeal corporation can be reached on for more
information on how to take advantage of this partnership opportunity.

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