People’s social lifestyle and buying behaviour is constantly changing. With the exponential growth of internet and its high penetration rate in Africa, virtually everything can be purchased online; and building and construction industry should not be left behind.

Frakem.com is disrupting this age-long industry. We are out to revolutionize the traditional way in which people buy building materials by providing an online platform where these products can be sourced, compared, and bought conveniently from the comfort of one’s home and office.

Frakem.com is Nigeria’s largest online building materials retail store with categories of products ranging from PVC to galvanized fittings and pipes, luxury sanitary wares to Jacuzzi, Shower rooms of various shapes, assorted pipes, water storage tanks and pumps, different designs and sizes of Spanish, Italian, and Chinese tiles, etc. We are presently the largest online dealers of these products in Africa.

Our market is very large and growing every year, with every country’s government mapping out a certain percentage of their national budget for building and construction sector. Nigeria’s construction industry is currently worth around USD69 Billion and employs 5% of Nigeria’s 170 Million population.

A typical 9am – 5pm career worker does not have the time to run the length and breadth of any city searching for building materials, so we are taking away the stress, time, and energy usually expended to buy these products in a traditional setting to giving them a more convenient and secured option.

Our platform is in business to give our customers’ a firsthand knowledge of the products to be installed in their building projects in terms of price, design and quality. We are giving them the “power of choice”, where they can select for themselves products they need for their project, compare brands and designs, and place order from any part of the world and the goods delivered to their preferred location.

With our business growth coupled with the needed funding and partnership, we are presently working towards setting up a state-of-the-art plumbing academy equipped with all latest technology where youths and graduates alike can be trained by seasoned professionals to acquire plumbing installation skills. The academy will boast of purpose-built workshops and with experienced tutors, help to prepare a new generation of certified and professional plumbers for the Nigerian marketplace who are familiar with latest technologies in plumbing and sanitary products designs.

This is also in line with our business vision of disrupting the status quo in which plumbers are perceived to be uneducated and unskilled by delivering certified, verified, and educated plumbers to the building and construction industry.


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