Exporting foodstuff and commodities in Nigeria to USA, UK, Europe

Export procedures and documents required for beginners to export abroad


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Export business worldwide is guided strictly by appropriate documentation. This is because much reliance is placed on documents relating to price, quantity, packaging, shipping, clearing and lots more.

In a bid to conform to laws stipulated for export documentation in Nigeria for exportation, cokodeal ensures they are adhered to in all export transactions. The buyer/ (receiver) for instance needs documents that would enable him clear the goods in his country while the seller/exporter needs documents to ensure that he will get paid.

Consequently, goods may not be exported to the country of destination (USA) unless the exporter has complied with the required documentation.

To ship out goods from Nigeria to USA the following steps must be adhered to make it easy for you

  • Register with NEPC as an exporter
  • Plan your export
  • Get a buyer abroad
  • Source for your foodstuff and commodities locally
  • Get your GIT (Goods In Transit) Insurance & transport of good to Lagos seaport
  • Do your pre export documentation
  • Invite SGS or Cobalt to inspect the goods at the warehouse
  • Booking of truck & container from shipping line
  • Loading and sealing of container
  • Transport of container to the seaport
  • Inspection of the container by Custom and other relevant agency
  • Post export documentation
  • Exporter forwards the document to his bank
  • Exporter’s bank forward the documents to the Importer’s bank
  • Importer’s banks transfer fund to Exporter’s bank
  • Exporter’s bank effect payment by crediting the exporter


  • We offer both air and ocean shipping services.

Air Freight

  • Transit Time:
    • 4 to 7 business days via our standard shipping.
    • Express shipping – 3 business days.
  • Clearing at the US Port – This typically takes 2 business days to be completed.

Ocean Freight

  • Full Container – We have the carrier relationship to offer frequent departures at competitive rates. Full container load (FCL) shipping from Nigeria to USA is available for business that has items to fill up a container.
  • Less than Container – Logistics is making export process easy and affordable. We encourage small exporters who cannot afford shipping a full load of container to consolidate their shipment with others and ship as a single shipment.
  • Transit Time – 6 to 7 weeks.

Processing Document

As one of the best companies that export in Nigeria, we have the expertise and capacity to ensure your documents needed for clearing are complete and original; this helps us to offer you stress free shipping from Nigeria to USA.


  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Quality certificate from regulatory bodies in Nigeria.
  • Transport document
  • Insurance certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Any other legally required document


  • Draft
  • Covering letter
  • Original Letter of  Credit



All merchandise going to the United States must clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection and is subject to Customs duty, unless specifically exempted by law.

Simplified Corporate Logistics with a broad understanding of regulations and procedures related to customs and ports clearance provides clearing services that supports a variety of customer’s needs, ensuring smooth and efficient clearing process.


  • Register your product
  • Have a facility
  • Ensure your product has NAFDAC registration
  • You need to have an agent in USA


The Federal Government of Nigeria through its agency Federal Ministry of Trade and Commerce has rolled out list of items that cannot be exported from Nigeria. This list is to serve as guide to new and already established exporters. Failure to abide by these can lead to your products being ceased at the ports by the Nigerian Customs.

  • Maize
  • Timber (rough or sawn)
  • Raw hides and skin (including Wet Blue and all unfinished leather) H.S. Codes 4101.2000.00 – 4108.9200.00
  • Scrap Metals
  • Unprocessed rubber latex and rubber lumps
  • Artifacts and Antiquities
  • Wildlife animals classified as endangered species and their products e.g. Crocodile; Elephant, Lizard, Eagle, Monkey, Zebra, Lion etc.
  • All goods imported previously imported into Nigeria. Except where item has been processed or remade in Nigeria. For example fabrics, electronics and automobiles – these can only be exported when going for repairs/maintenance and must be returned to Nigeria.

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