Finding your first customer with cokodeal

Getting your first foreign customer with cokodeal

You have a product you want to sell and you’re looking to find foreign buyers. You’ve  heard about cokodeal and how it provides a platform for seamless electronic transaction and a system for smooth business transaction between seller and buyers in export trade in Africa, so you decided to create a store hoping to boost sales. Now you’re done creating your store and you’re wondering- how do I get my first customer?

This is one huddle a lot of customers face, Sometimes it takes months to get foreign buyers. So to ease your stress, this is how cokodeal would help you get your first customer:

First and foremost- Optimize your store content!

When setting your online store, be sure to use the right keywords that suit your niche. Keywords are the certain words your customers type on their screen to search for products they have interest in. So it’s important to know what keywords suit your business and build on it to attract customers your way.

Cokodeal ad packages

Subscribing to Cokodeal ad package is a very useful tool to generate enough customers to your business. Cokodeal promotes your products across several of its media to reach customers for you. A simple communicating of your business offers to cokodeal fans can get your business buzzing with buyers.  Although it costs a few Naira for subscribing but it fast tracks your possibility of getting customers sooner than you expect.

Cokodeal twitter page has over 12000 followers and it keeps growing. Just a mention of your business on this platform can get you in front of your customers in no time.

cokodeal twitter page
A screenshot of cokodeal blog

Cokodeal can feature your business on one of its blog posts which boosts your presence online.

Cokodeal Blog   Africa ecommerce marketplace
Screenshot of ad placements on cokodeal portal

Cokodeal can Land your business in the press

Landing your business in the press is a huge step in getting customers. It is a bold statement that says you have resources to get your business to your customers. You can tap into this opportunity when you signup for ad and get a mention in one of our publications. Its just all about your budget, your target market and how best to reach them.

Cokodeal is an evolving business model and as time goes on more options would evolve to give customers the best experience.

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