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Here are the top 7 FAQs to help you get started on cokodeal

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of requests and questions as to how to go about selling on cokodeal and how it can be beneficial to their business. We put together this post on the top 6 frequently asked questions on cokodeal.


Open, click on CREATE FREE STORE, add details and submit. Activate your account from mail sent to your email.

Open and click on Login. Click on Seller. Enter details and login.

In your menu, click on Add/Edit Product and upload all product images and details. To visit your store. Simply login as a seller, click on Store and click on your store name.

How can cokodeal help me sell my products?

Cokodeal has a robust online marketplace and social media campaign platforms which it promotes subscriber’s products to its thousands of followers and visitors. It is important to note that these services comes with little subscription fee which includes, blog mentions, Facebook and twitter campaigns, internal ads on cokodeal marketplace and newsletters.

Will cokodeal ship my products for me?

No, Cokodeal does not do shipping yet. Cokodeal sees this as a cost-effective way to operate in an uncertain terrain like the logistics business in Africa. But we are aware of innovative solutions coming up in Africa and future moves would see cokodeal partner with logistics bodies to handle shipment of products, but for now, we recommend you to subscribe to a third party logistics company that we know  will provide you with services to meet your demand.

What do I do after creating my online store on cokodeal?

For going through the phase of registering and creating a store on cokodeal, it is expected that you own a line of products you looking at selling on cokodeal. So the next thing you want to do is get your first customer as soon as you can. It is believed that your first sale would keep other sales coming. Make sure you have detailed and relevant content of your listings on time because once you go live on cokodeal marketplace, your products would be displayed to thousands of customers across Nigeria and Africa.

Improve your visibility on cokodeal marketplacestand-out

stand-outby taking up a subscription plan. These ad plans comes in several categories to meet your financial needs. Cokodeal would promote your business across all its outreach mediums, these includes, Cokodeal blog, Twitter, Facebook, E-mails, Banners, and other exciting media to get your products in front of your customers.

Can I sell to customers outside Nigeria?

Yes you can sell to customers outside of Nigeria. Cokodeal’s platform is a cross-platform system that would help you promote your products to customers locally and globally.

How much does cokodeal charge on commission?

Cokodeal does not charge commission on sales of products. It charges monthly subscription fee to customers who are looking to upgrade from having a free store. Having a free store is ok but it comes with limited privileges, this is why it is advisable sellers start off with at least basic subscription level which is ideal for most businesses on cokodeal. Usually this subscription comes at N999/ month, which is pretty much like free for any businesses who are looking to do sales on a large scale. Also depending on the nature of a deal, cokodeal can be as a trade broker where they get paid % commission brokerage fee.

What kind of products can I sell on cokodeal?

Cokodeal is more suitable platform for suppliers, manufacturers, exporters/importers, and manufacturers in Nigeria. So if you’re looking to sell on cokodeal make sure you have capacity to supply on wholesale basis. Be ready to present quotations, weight, etc that is fit for a B2B transaction. Cokodeal is the largest promoter of locally made goods in Nigeria, So if you produce locally here in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa, you can sell on cokodeal. These products range from agro-products, raw materials, minerals, fertilizers, fashion etc

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