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How to get your NAFDAC reg no for your Made in Nigeria goods through AMEN


Small Businesses in Nigeria can now have easy NAFDAC REGISTRATION-by Joining- Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN)

Nigeria small business can now get easy NAFDAC registration and start selling their product to the local and the international market. A lot of Nigeria small business who hitherto want to start producing foods, herbal and household product with small capital find it very difficult to start they often have the problem of getting equipment and factory site and getting the NAFDAC approval. Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN) has come to solve this problem by providing adequate facilities and logistics support to members.

About the Association: The association started as Nigerian integrated Entrepreneurs of Nigeria, in 2007 it became micro producers association of Lagos state while in 2010 it was registered as Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN)

How to be a member of AMEN: All you need to do is to buy their registration form in their office at 37 fatai Atere road, Lagos, for N1000 and processing fee of N5000. You will be a full member after 3 months of probation when you will get your identity card. Only honest Nigeria Entrepreneurs of 25 years and above can apply.

Aims and objective: The association aims is to help members and make Nigeria and industrialist Country by 2020. The association also intends to build an industrial park in every state of the federation for micro producers in different field, and wish that every family in Nigeria owns a business this will create employment opportunities in the economy.

NAFDAC Registration: You will need to join AMEN, the association will help you with Company registration, Trade mark registration, product analysis, the associations will help to get a place to where you will be producing your product which they call contract manufacturing, NAFDAC will come and inspect the factory site which AMEN has provided and will give you approval with an identification number, you may decide to own your sites after you might have made enough money , you will retain your registration number while NAFDAC will only inspect the new production sites.

What you will gain as a member

Collective advertising and marketing: Members also enjoy unified advertising and marketing benefits, members have these unique opportunities to show case their product to the local and the international markets. They have a common stand during the local and international trade fairs, which give their new product unique marketing penetration.

Make money as a retailer: As a member of the association you will have access to sell the product produce by the member either as a retailer or wholesaler, it will give you an opportunity to buy from the fellow members at a subsidize rate and sell at the local and the international market.

Access to loan: As a member of Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN), it will give you access to loan, a lot of financial institution and Government agencies do come to their meeting which hold at every first Friday of the month to intimate the member on various loan opportunities that are available and how the member can benefit from it.

Product packaging to meet the international standard: AMEN also help fellow members to package their made in Nigeria product to meet the international standard, the experience members who are already in tune with what is obtained in foreign country and the packaging pattern of various importing countries assist new members to make sure that their packaging method meet the international standard

Products available: Food products, cream, herbal product, insecticide, soap, disinfectant, and agro-product, You can package any of Nigeria food product, house-hold product in a sealed nylon bag, Carton, Bottle, tin or small packs of 1kg,2kg, 3kg.

You can chose to explore the local market: Sell to busy office executives, professionals, high-net worth individual, and supermarkets

Explore the international markets: it is estimated that 20 million people of Nigerian descent reside outside Nigeria with majority living in the United Kingdom and the United States. American Government under African Growth and opportunity act (AGOA) The Act offers tangible incentives for African countries to continue their efforts to open their economies and build free markets the door is still open till 2012. This is a great opportunity to start exporting some of these products duty free to US

Existing small business owners who want to expand into new markets will also benefit from this company start-up with easy NAFDAC registration. Nigeria has enough exportable product raw materials that can generate more revenue to the nation than depending solely on oil.

Now you don’t have an excuse for not producing before the end of this year AMEN has provided unique opportunities for hardworking Nigerians that wants to genuinely penetrate the local and international market.




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