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How to use cokodeal for buyers and sellers

Cokodeal – How to use


This is a guide to help you navigate through the platform. is a pan Africa Commodity Bank; a digital platform where businesses in Africa find international buyers to trade. Get financing, logistics and receive global payment.

Leveraging cokodeal’s network, technology and expertise would help expand, get more customers, and scale your business to the next level.

Let’s get started!

How to create a store on cokodeal

To start selling on cokodeal, you need to create an account.

For a merchant, this account is your online store front.

Follow these steps to register your business with cokodeal and post your first deal.

  1. On the cokodeal home page, click menu, sign up or follow link below:
  2. A form displays, fill the form accordingly.
  3. Click on submit
  4. After submitting, you would be taken to your dashboard.
  5. Successfully registered.

How to find buyers

View hundreds of buyers request across many pages.

Find products that you can supply.

Click – “send service request ”

Interested buyers will contact your company.

Visit link –

How to use your cokodeal dashboard

Your dashboard is your login area, to edit your business and products.

On the dashboard you will see that you can:

  • Create a sellers’ or buyers’ deal
  • You can view and send messages to prospective clients.
  • edit your store
  • Subscribe to advertisement to promote your product for more buyers
  • Read blog posts and FAQs

Lets describe what you can do with each of these features:

Create a sellers’ or buyers’ deal

This is where you go to when you want to post an offer as a seller or a buyer post what is willing to buy.


The message feature helps for the communication between prospective seller and buyer

Edit your store.

With this feature, you can make customized tweaks to your store. You can change the background logo; edit name of store, and other information to fit your business.

How to post a deal ( or uploading your product)

The cokodeal feature ‘post a deal’helps to quickly match sellers with buyers. 

There are two types of deals you can post on the cokodeal platform, depending on what you’re looking to achieve, you can post as a seller’ or as abuyer.

Post a sellers’ deal

To post your first seller deal,

  • On the marketplace – Https://
  • Scroll down – click post a deal
  • Select – As a seller
  • Fill the product information, product, price, name, product, images
  • Click post deal.

Post a buyers’ deal

To post your first buyer deal,

  • On the marketplace – Https://
  • Scroll down – click post a deal
  • Select – As a buyer
  • Fill the product information, product, price, name, product, images
  • Click post deal.


When creating your deal, always ensure to add the relevant keywords tags to help for better ranking of your deals when prospective buyers search. Keyword is different names your prospects may use to search for your product, E.g Maize, Corn, Corn in sac, Dry maize, corn seeds

Ensure to upload high quality pictures of your products and a well written description of the product on your deal and specification.

Post each product one after the other without merging two products under 1 post/ upload.

How to promote your products through cokodeal

Post a deal

 This is an awesome way to promote your business on cokodeal for free. Depending on if you’re a buyer or a seller, your deals would be posted under “buyers’ needs” or “sellers’ offers” pages accordingly. The more deals you promote, the more your business can gain more traction of buyers on the platform.

You can find the offers pages View seller deals

Advertise on cokodeal

This is for those who are looking to step things up and get more customers and business exposure much faster by leveraging the cokodeal platform.

Cokodeal ad package has every offer for different categories of sellers on the platform, and each categories with their specific benefits.

Visit link Https://

How to retrieve my lost/ forgotten password.  (For returning old member)

To retrieve your password, head over to the register page. Https://

Click on ‘forgot password’.

Fill in your email address, and click on ‘send password reset link’

Click on the link in the confirmation message sent to your email address.

Fill in the new password, then confirm by filling in password.

Click on ‘update’.

You have just successfully updated your password, and you can start logging in with your new password.

For any further assistance or support kindly send an email to

Or whatsapp +2348163229560  for 24 hours assistance.

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