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Ogun State Nigeria received her maiden test flight in the Gateway International Agro Cargo Airport in Iperu-Ilishan Remo, Ikene local government area at about 02:15 pm.


With the longest runway, the airport is intended to facilitate the exportation of goods and commodities from several regions and also improve the state’s revenue drive.

Perceived as an alternative to Lagos airport, this positions the state for greater economic development as the industrial hub of Nigeria that it is. Ogun State is evolving into the trajectory of a unified public and private sector partnership, as it hosts over 500 companies and over 10,000 government funded MSMEs. With a competitive advantage in some sectors such as food and beverage, textile, agricultural and manufacturing, mineral resources within the state and the south west region, this would no doubt be a welcome development. As the economic climate of the western environs aid it’s effective operations.

Impact on local economy

Since air freight performance is largely influenced by e-commerce sales and purchase, there is an imminent need for the conceptualization of commodity export. As it is necessary to understand the current market situations, identify and align with the required drivers. Factories and companies in the state and region, with demand for their goods in the foreign markets should take into consideration the possibility and ease of market expansion outside the shores of Nigeria, as this would equally be to the financial advantage of such businesses.

Industrial value determinants

Air cargo is essential in the global supply chain. As it enables faster processing, reliable timely delivery of high value goods and safe handling special cargoes. 

Many cargo airports are almost non operational as cargo traffic requires a combination of several factors and collective efforts of forwarders, airlines, truckers, regulators, airport, customs, ground handlers and others. With each having their responsibility to grow.

Leading cargo airports boast of a wide network coverage, connection in global routes.

Availability of resources and infrastructures to safe handle high value facilities and perishable products.

The standard of custom related processes can  also weigh in on the throughput of cargoes

Engaging industry representatives and government agencies to facilitate the country’s vision for air trade

This alliance of joint marketing would promote the cargo ecosystem, thereby unlocking benefits for all active stakeholders.

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