Is Bitter kola export a very lucrative business? what need to know

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Yes, you heard it right. It is scientifically known as GARCINIA KOLA and belongs to the family of Guittiferal. It is a wonderful agricultural product with a wide range of applications in natural and orthodox medicine.

Bitter kola is very popular and common in our local market; they could be fresh or dried. Both types, as very knowledgeable experts says, possess healing power for various sicknesses such as cough. At the international level bitter kola is used for brewery purposes and that has been the reason why bitter kola is demanded in small and in large quantities by the international market.

Bitter kola, as mentioned earlier, can be found easily in our local market, hence sourcing it will never be a problem and it is relatively cheap.

Bitter kola, in most cases, find its way into our local markets from the Eastern part of the country.

For bitter kola to meet export standard, it may require some processing which can be achieved without the use if any machinery or equipment as this can be done in a natural way. Prospective exporters can enter the business either in a small or big way. It depends absolutely on the cash at hand and requirement of the buyers. Small scale exporters can start the business right from their bedroom with just a functional e-mail address. This is the best and easiest export business so far, for the reason that is neither a perishable good nor is it fragile. Exporters are rest assured that the products will get to the buyer safely. But there is the need for an efficient method of quality control in order to keep it fresh and healthy looking.

The packaging method used in this business is very easy and can be learned by anybody.

The international price for bitter kola is now USD 20/Kg. That transforms into well over USD20,000/MT(FOB). The equivalent can be obtained in our local market for as low as N800 per kg or even less. That is, depending on the point of purchase.

If you desire an export business, which you can start and do at your own pace, consider bitter kola.

1.            Low start up capital
2.            The business can be operated from home
3.            The operational cost is low
4.            Huge profitability
5.            The business is risk free
6.            It gives you freedom to do other things
7.            Easy access to cheap sources of the products
8.            Easy access to overseas markets and buyers
9.            Simple processing and packaging
10.           Easy and prompt collection of payments
11.           Simple shipping and payment terms.


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By Henry A

Henry O. is a agribusiness consultant and international trade finance expert, with wide knowledge in agro commodities export.

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