An interview on Businessday, sheds light on Africa’s Alibaba aims to absorb 10,000 unemployed Nigerian youths In this interview with BusinessDay’s PATRICK ATUANYA, MIKE DOLA, Founder and Executive Director,, sheds light on the technology firm’s innovative disruption to the Nigerian e-commerce space. He also articulates the company’s value proposition for creating market linkage without the need for a middleman and boosting made in Nigeria goods especially for exports. Excerpts… Tell us about your company and the value proposition it brings to the market is an e-commerce firm for locally produced goods, manufactured goods, textile, agricultural products and crafts in Africa. It was created from a desire for a continent that will not be at the mercy of foreign assistance but a convergence point for global trade. Nigeria as an entry point into Africa has shown it has more than enough to sell to the world. In our market exploration we did understand that there were thousands of local manufacturers unknown to Nigerians, we found out there were popular brand in South East Nigeria but hardly found in the west, hence we saw a need for us to connect South-East Nigeria with the South-West, with its vast production of locally made commodities like shoes, bags,… Read More

Welcome to Cokodeal blog!!!

Cokodeal blog is finally live!!! It has been an intense but fulfilling journey getting cokodeal marketplace up and running. In essence it is a part of our belief and love for Africa. It all took longer than we thought it would take, as it is a platform designed from scratch codes since its inception in June 2013. The company is a product of an ardent desire for an Africa that will be the convergent point of global trade and not a continent that is at the mercy of foreign aid. We think that there is urgent need to consciously expose African produced goods so as to change the world’s perception of Africa being a predominantly consumer market. Cokodeal Limited, a UK – African multinational company is determined to help Africa take advantage of its large market through like in Asia. is Africa’s largest locally produced commodity export e-commerce site, with presence in Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia. The company provides an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy, import and export goods and services solely produced in Africa. will help African manufacturers, farmers, textile industry, solid mineral miners/traders, SMEs and service… Read More

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