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The exportation business is one of the most lucrative businesses with a profit margin on some select agricultural products and solid minerals being anywhere from 30% to sometimes over 100%. Especially earning in foreign currency is a great cash-cow.

But figuring out these questions: how to start exporting from Nigeria?, how to increase productions of agricultural products?,

how to access to loan facilities?,

what commodities to focus on?,

how to find international buyers?,

how to ensure the quality standards are high & met?,

how to manage logistics & transportation of the goods to the city?,

how to ensure security of the goods in transit?,

how to handle inspection at the port of loading?,

how to cover customs issues?,

how to ship the commodity?, and most importantly,

how to ensure payment every single time?,

is a serious hassle for a lot of farmers, traders and intending exporters.

To help new and existing agro traders to avoid these problems and execute successful trades every single time, Cokodeal as Africa’s largest export platform with over 6300 merchants on the platform trading from 8 countries in Africa and thousands of international buyers across the global markets is focused at helping finance agro business trades in Africa to ensure expansion that would cater to the consumption of agricultural products globally.

With the various investment opportunities in the Agricultural value chain in Nigeria, we observed that access to capital and loan facilities to grow, expand, export goods and improve business processes is a great challenge for farmers and traders alike.

In achieving increased production of agricultural produce to meet the demand of both the local and the global market, solving the above-mentioned challenge becomes a must.

The prospect of agriculture and trade in Nigeria is so high to ignore, contributing about 22.35% and 15.61% respectively to the economy and directly affecting over 60% of the populace. By the time Nigeria attains its full capacity in agriculture, it will become a great foreign currency earner than oil.

The implication is that Nigerian farmers will be able to earn in Naira and in Dollars as well as other foreign currencies. With various opportunities available to invest in the agricultural sector, financing the production of this agricultural produce is a step better in getting a tremendous return on investment.

Helping facilitate our capacity to solve the issues of expansion through quick access to loans, logistics, and improved business processes for farmers and traders in Africa will push for greater and wider coverage that will ensure access to bigger opportunities in agricultural exportation and increased supply to meet the global demand of these products, which would in turn result to a tremendous return on investment in the long run for potential investors.

Organizations such as AFDB and Afreximbank are some of the financial institutions to help unlock resources to help The Commodity Bank – better serve the African traders to improve their wellbeing. Partner with us, invest in Cokodeal and watch us solve the problem of agriculture value network in Africa, thereby harnessing the potential it holds and giving you a great return on your investment.   

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