Exporting is the act of producing items or offerings in one Nigeria and selling or buying and selling them to some other united states. The period export originates from the Latin words ex and portable, which means to carry out. The counterpart of exporting is importing, that’s the purchase-sale of products from acquired from every other country and promoting them within the nation. Importing merchandise into international locations is regularly dependent on what product, commodity, or carrier introduced. In America, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule is the listing for figuring out what if any tariff imposed at the product in query. Importing into any country has to contain speaking with that U. S.’s customs enterprise to solve the necessary licensing and logistics problems. Import and Export Business Import Business Nigeria is an open marketplace with a population of over one hundred eighty million humans. These approach merchandise from different nations can sell in the Nigerian market. However, the Nigerian Customs Service “Import Prohibition List,” bans the following products from importation To Nigeria; 1.    Live or useless birds along with frozen hen; 2.    Pork and beef; 3.    Birds eggs but excluding hatching eggs; 4.    Refined vegetable oils and fats but aside from… Read More

CONTRACT SOURCING; You can now earn big finders fee in one deal by sourcing for export contract for Nigeria exporters

  You can now earn big finders fee in one deal by sourcing for export contract for Nigeria exporters Export contract is an international purchase order, which would be signed by both the buyer/importer and he seller, the exporter before a legally binding international trade can take place between them. Getting export contract therefore is a very critical step in the export value chain, However many find it difficult to obtain because of knowledge gap in understanding trade terms, export market information and local product information. Online export business: It might interest you to know that the gap between you and the millions of naira waiting for you in this business is nothing but the “basic understanding of an export business process”. Understanding the fundamentals of an export business process especially as it concerns securing a GENUINE EXPORT ORDER/ CONTRACT with a well secured method of payment, then you are on your way to making UNIMAGINABLE LOADS OF MONEY. NOTE: You are strongly advised to use the email for all communication that has to do with export because it is faster, more efficient and cheaper. More than office apartment, you need the determination to make it work The big secret:… Read More

How to find your first local buyer or foreign customer online

You have a product you want to sell and you’re looking to find foreign buyers. You’ve  heard about cokodeal.com and how it provides a platform for seamless electronic transaction and a system for smooth business transaction between seller and buyers in export trade across Africa, so you decided to create a store hoping to boost sales. Now you’re done creating your online store and you’re wondering- how do I get my first customer? This is one huddle a lot of customers face, Sometimes it takes months to get foreign buyers. So to ease your stress, this is how cokodeal would help you get your first customer: First and foremost- Optimize your store content! When setting your online store, be sure to use the right keywords that suit your niche. Keywords are the certain words your customers type on their screen to search for products they have interest in. So it’s important to know what keywords suit your business and build on it to attract customers your way. If you are a subscribed member, your store name and products will be automatically added to organic keyword search engine optimization done by cokodeal, that allows your products to rank on 1st to 3rd page on… Read More