Exporting is the act of producing items or offerings in one Nigeria and selling or buying and selling them to some other united states. The period export originates from the Latin words ex and portable, which means to carry out. The counterpart of exporting is importing, that’s the purchase-sale of products from acquired from every other country and promoting them within the nation.

Importing merchandise into international locations is regularly dependent on what product, commodity, or carrier introduced. In America, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule is the listing for figuring out what if any tariff imposed at the product in query. Importing into any country has to contain speaking with that U. S.’s customs enterprise to solve the necessary licensing and logistics problems.

Import and Export Business

Import Business

Nigeria is an open marketplace with a population of over one hundred eighty million humans. These approach merchandise from different nations can sell in the Nigerian market. However, the Nigerian Customs Service “Import Prohibition List,” bans the following products from importation To Nigeria;

1.    Live or useless birds along with frozen hen;

2.    Pork and beef;

3.    Birds eggs but excluding hatching eggs;

4.    Refined vegetable oils and fats but aside from subtle linseed, castor and olive oils crude vegetable oil;

5.    Cane or beet sugar and chemically natural sucrose, in solid shape containing added flavoring or coloring, remember in retail packs;

6.    Cocoa butter, powder, and cakes;

7.    Spaghetti/noodles;

8.    Fruit Juice in a retail package deal;

9.    Waters, inclusive of mineral waters and aerated waters containing delivered sugar or sweetening count or Flavored, ice snow but except for strength or health liquids, liquid nutritional supplements, e.g., Power Horse, Red Ginseng, and many others. And beer and stout whether or not bottled, canned or otherwise packed;

10.    Bagged Cement;

Export Business

In the equal vein, the Nigerian Customs Services “Export Prohibition List” provides that the following products banned from exportation from Nigeria;

1.    Maize

2.    Timber either difficult or sawn

3.    Raw hides and skin including moist blue and all unfinished leather-based

4.    Scrap Metals

5.    Rubber latex and rubber lumps

6.    Artifacts and Antiquities

7.    Wildlife animals categorized as endangered species and their products, e.g., Crocodile; Elephant, Lizard, Eagle, Monkey, Zebra, Lion, and so forth.

8.    All goods imported

Entities to carry on an export enterprise

The following objects can be used as a vehicle to hold on export business in Nigeria;

a.    Private limited legal responsibility corporation;

b.    Public constrained legal responsibility organization;

c.    An enterprise limited through assures;

d.    Unlimited employer;

e.    Incorporated Trustee.

Import and Export Trade

  • Petroleum Gas
  • Refined Petroleum
  • Rough Wood
  • Cocoa Beans

Export Company in Nigeria

  • Lagos
  • Kano
  • Ibadan
  • Kaduna
  • Port Harcourt
  • Benin City
  • Maiduguri
  • Zaria
  • Aba
  • Jos

We observed 380 businesses

  1. Basa Global Impex Limited


  • Mar Amin Nigeria Ventures Limited
  • BEJAFTA chemical and agro-allied offerings
  • Lexcel Products & Packaging Limited.
  • Naijafoodexports
  • Cargocreed Services Nigeria Limited
  • Jkagerland
  • Surely Lifted Logistics Limited
  • Burkont Shipping Nigeria Limited
  • Payeso&Peco Nig Ltd
  • Ephores Business Limited
  • First And First Agencies
  • Masglobal Express And Logistics
  • Mas Global Express And Logistics
  • Meliorem Business Solutions Limited
  • Ugo M Ventures
  • Vco-Uch Global Ltd
  • I.G Acoman Ltd
  • United Export Nigeria

Reality on Export and import in Nigeria

We need to carefully check the advantages and drawbacks of exporting into a brand new marketplace. Others make a planned move and behavior thorough research earlier than getting into a new market. Whether it’s far unintended or prepared move, companies want to evaluate and thoroughly check the benefits and demanding situations of exporting before committing assets.


The motive in your organization to consider exporting is quite compelling; the subsequent are a few of the primary benefits of exporting:

Increased Sales and Profits: Selling goods and services to a market the employer in no way had before increasing income and will increase sales. Additional overseas sales over the long term, once export development prices have to protect, grow average profitability.

Enhance Domestic Competitiveness: Most businesses end up competitive within the domestic marketplace earlier than they project inside the international area. Being competitive in the home marketplace helps agencies to acquire a few techniques that could help them inside the common area.

Gain Global Market Shares: By going, international groups will take part in the worldwide market and advantage a piece of their percentage from the sizeable worldwide market.

Diversification: Selling to more than one market allows groups to diversify their enterprise and spread their hazard. Companies will not be tied to the adjustments of the business cycle of the domestic market or one particular U. S. A.

Lower per Unit Costs: Capturing a further foreign market will generally expand manufacturing to meet the overseas call. Increased production can frequently lower in line with unit costs and result in greater use of current capacities.

Compensate for Seasonal Demands: Companies whose services or products are best used at sure seasons domestically can be able to promote their products or services in overseas markets all through different seasons.

Create Potential for Company Expansion: Companies who assignment into the exporting enterprise commonly ought to have a presence or illustration within the overseas marketplace. These would possibly require extra employees and, as a result, lead to growth.

Sell Excess Product: Companies who’ve increased production for any motive can promote their products in an overseas marketplace and now not be forced to provide deep reductions or maybe get rid of their new creation.

Gain New Knowledge and Experience: Going global can yield treasured ideas and records about new technologies, new advertising techniques, and overseas competition. The gains can help an agency’s home as well as foreign businesses.

Expand Life Cycle of Product: Many products go through numerous cycles, namely creation, increase, maturity, and declining stage; this is they give up in their usefulness in a specific marketplace. Once the product reaches the final level, maturity in a given market, a similar product may be introduced in a distinct market wherein the product changed into never advertised earlier than.

CONTRACT SOURCING; You can now earn big finders fee in one deal by sourcing for export contract for Nigeria exporters


You can now earn big finders fee in one deal by sourcing for export contract for Nigeria exporters

Export contract is an international purchase order, which would be signed by both the buyer/importer and he seller, the exporter before a legally binding international trade can take place between them. Getting export contract therefore is a very critical step in the export value chain, However many find it difficult to obtain because of knowledge gap in understanding trade terms, export market information and local product information.

Online export business: It might interest you to know that the gap between you and the millions of naira waiting for you in this business is nothing but the “basic understanding of an export business process”. Understanding the fundamentals of an export business process especially as it concerns securing a GENUINE EXPORT ORDER/ CONTRACT with a well secured method of payment, then you are on your way to making UNIMAGINABLE LOADS OF MONEY.

NOTE: You are strongly advised to use the email for all communication that has to do with export because it is faster, more efficient and cheaper. More than office apartment, you need the determination to make it work

The big secret: Veteran exporters and prospective exporters are in dire need of export contracts for the various agricultural and allied/ mineral commodities that could be explored within the country. So all you should do as an export entrepreneur is to secure these contracts via the internet using the various trade portals listed like Alibaba, Tradekey and so on, with your GSM phone, you could start earning commissions which run into millions of Naira in few months depending on the size of the shipment. All you need to do is to read through, carefully understanding the elements of an export contract process.

Here are the Contract sourcing options

International and bilateral Chamber of commerce: These are organizations you can join, they are Nigeria German Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria China Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria Belgium Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria Canada Chamber of commerce they are representative of business men in those Countries you can register with them and they can help you look at their data base to help you find a reliable and genuine buyers.

Attend workshop: A lot of workshops are being organized by export consultants through out the Country often times they give out contact of foreign buyers of Made in Nigeria products, you can also attend the one being organized by the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) they also organize seminars, they do invite foreign buyers to meet with Nigeria exporters, you can leverage on this opportunity to get an export contract

Personal contract through friends and relative abroad:: if you have friend outside the country they can provide you with good contacts of importers of Nigeria products.

Referral from existing exporters: Some people are exporting already you can leverage on their experience some of them have a long term contract that they cannot fulfilled alone , they need more exporters from Nigeria to meet with their contract request.

International Business travels and film shows: A lot of us that travels out of the Country , we can use this opportunity look for buyers don’t just use it as a funfair but try and look for buyers of Nigerian exportable products

Internet portal: These are trade leads like alibaba.com, trade leads, B2B, Use Internet and online notice boards to post offers and respond to requests for new suppliers.

Contract Sourcing Processes


  • . Read through export resource materials to get more information on your chosen product
  • . Decide on the export contract to be sourced
  • . Get a detailed profile of the export products from—-
  • . Get the product samples and divide it into 2 or more parts
  • . Do a lab test on one of the products samples (test for the specification in the product profile)
  • .Reserve the other samples as product to be sent to the buyers in the future


  • Register as a free member on different trade portal and B2B Platform on the internet e,g cokodeal.com, Alibaba.com, when you get to any trade portal find out how robust their services are, almost all of them has an help centre so you can click and read
  • State the details of the lab result of your product sample on the trade portals and B2B Platforms, if you done it with SGS state it there
  • Take the picture of the product don’t download picture on the internet
  • Check the portal on a daily basis to see the buyer’s responses to your mail
  • Before you answer the buyers question you can verify from a mentor or an excising exporters
  • Respond to the buyers enquiries promptly as soon as you get the response from them

.Making contacts with exporters: Once the importer have given their conscience to work with you as a broker you may run some classified adverts in the local newspaper such as “exporters are wanted for urgent product supplies” or “export business opportunities” This ad would be used to pull exporters of Made in Nigerian commodities. When potential clients start calling as a result of the advert, inform them that you have buyers of the said product from a named part of the world say Germany, Belgium etc. I bet, you would be fascinated by the caliber of clients that will approach you for the contract. These ranges from retired senior military personnel and business tycoons with large reserve of funds. Fix an appointment and meet with your client Upon discussing the contract details, you could charge your client a finder’s fee of about N100, 000 and subsequently enjoy a 10% commission of the anticipated profit. Depending on the value of the contract, you could be well on your way to earning up to six figures monthly. Imagine collecting your finder’s fee from ten prospective exporters. This is a whooping N1, 000, 000 (one million naira) But for you to really communicate a detailed product description to both your prospective client and the foreign buyer, you would need comprehensive information about the quality profitability of the product in question.

.It might be slow at first, and you will need to plan your moves, make contacts and SELL YOURSELF. But once you make a few sales and sign several contracts, you will know that your dedication was worthwhile.



How to find your first local buyer or foreign customer online

You have a product you want to sell and you’re looking to find foreign buyers.

You’ve  heard about cokodeal.com and how it provides a platform for seamless electronic transaction and a system for smooth business transaction between seller and buyers in export trade across Africa, so you decided to create a store hoping to boost sales.

Now you’re done creating your online store and you’re wondering- how do I get my first customer? This is one huddle a lot of customers face, Sometimes it takes months to get foreign buyers. So to ease your stress, this is how cokodeal would help you get your first customer:

First and foremost- Optimize your store content! When setting your online store, be sure to use the right keywords that suit your niche. Keywords are the certain words your customers type on their screen to search for products they have interest in. So it’s important to know what keywords suit your business and build on it to attract customers your way.

If you are a subscribed member, your store name and products will be automatically added to organic keyword search engine optimization done by cokodeal, that allows your products to rank on 1st to 3rd page on Google, making it easier for users to find you.

Cokodeal ad packages

Subscribing to Cokodeal ad package is a very useful tool to generate enough customers to your business.

Cokodeal promotes your products across several of its media to reach customers for you. A simple communicating of your business offers to cokodeal fans and user base can get your business buzzing with buyers.  Although it costs a few bucks for subscribing but it fast tracks your possibility of getting customers sooner than you expect.

Cokodeal homepage host 10 banners on site that can feature your business to our daily visitors. Creating an awareness that spur leads to your business. This has proven to be a guarantee method to generate both local and foreign buyers.

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Cokodeal can feature your business on one of its blog posts which boosts your presence online and optimize it to rank in first 3 pages of Google for your keywords. Creating multiple organic search for your business, that often lead to sales.

7 ways to find foreign buyers for your Nigerian productsBlog feature of a kola-nut supplier
Cokodeal can Land your business in the press Landing your business in the press is a huge step in getting customers. It is a bold statement that says you have resources to get your business to your customers. You can tap into this opportunity when you signup for ad and get a mention in one of our publications. Its just all about your budget, your target market and how best to reach them.

Cokodeal is an evolving business model and as time goes on more options would evolve to give customers the best experience.

Don’t hesitate to leave any question in the comment box below.