Why Ghana, not Nigeria, is largest yam exporter in West Africa

The careful remark has proven that the hassle with Nigeria leading the export exchange of yam has extra to do with loss of shape, process, and garage. The point is if there is something special about Ghana on the yam export window, it’s miles how this 30 million population is seizing the opportunity in their dependent build-up across the enterprise. The Ministry of Agriculture and its agents had seen what branding looks as if in a standard Ghanaian yam marketplace. One of the elements to be enumerated is Nigeria’s poor sense of packaging and branding. Unfortunately, these are not possible things. Sincerely, what we have seen of packaging of yam in Ghana is sufficient to sweep one off the feet. In Ghana, yams are properly packed like beverages, a complete shift of what we’ve right here in Nigeria. According to the Ghana Yam and Exporters Association, the strategy became to assist contributors to ensure food safety or traceability. In doing this, on a commodity as yam, undergoing the following techniques cross a protracted manner to expose the seriousness of a stakeholder Ghana’s yam packaging procedure Selection: – The yams cautiously decided on the premise of Uniformity – yams with the… Read More