How to sell your products online; choosing the right online store platform for your business

If you have a product and looking to get customers through the online medium, having an online store is a very good option. Knowing fully that having what to sell is not enough- but knowing where to sell what you have is equally very key to online selling success. So, how do you know what E-commerce platform is perfect for you?

We help you take this into perspective, by asking two important questions to help you make the right decision.

What do you want to sell?

Considering what you want to sell in deciding where to sell your product is very important. Your products would choose its customers and its ideal market. There are online platforms where selling fashionable clothes or shoes would be an ideal place to sell. For example, if you’re a small scale farmer who is looking to creating an online store to promote your agric produce to get more customers, selling on cokodeal marketplace would be ideal as it is a place where business people would search for products like yours as compared to selling on a platform like where majority shop for things like fashion and electronics.

An advice for you is to look at what you sell. Investigate different platforms to see the kind of products people go there to buy, this can help you have a hint if the platform is ideal for your business.

Where do your target market source for businesses like yours?

When entering any particular business, you want to do a market research- study your target market. Perhaps the reason would be it would help you know what they want, how to give them what they want and where to give them what they want.

Knowing your target customers go-to place to shop for products like yours would help you know where to set up your online store. When it comes to a c2c platform, you know Olx would work for you. People would go to platforms like cokodeal marketplace to source for local manufacturers in Nigeria than go to online sites like Olx or jumia.

By putting these points into proper perspective, you can be able to gain insight as to where is ideal for your business to start selling online.

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