6 practical tactics on how to gain a following on Nairaland for your business

Nairaland is one of Nigeria’s most famous and trafficked sites. According to Alexa, Nairaland is ranked the 8th most trafficked sites in Nigeria. The famous platform is a big, broad discussion forum for Nigerians. Covers dozens of topics including romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment. If you’re running an online business and looking at driving some traffic to your online store in Nigeria, you would be missing if you’re not taking advantage of this online resource to improve number of visitors to your store. Why do you need to promote your online store? well if your aim is to become a top seller, then you dont want to leave attracting customers to your store to chance because others on the platform would be doing a lot to attract customers to their stores.  So it is not enough to just own an online store, you have to put in effort on your own to do beyond the normal if you want to make top seller. Having said that, Nairaland presents a great opportunity for online business owners to gain valuable customers, however it is more of an art than just being on the platform,  So on this post, we will look at some tactics to help you gain following on Nairaland for your business, lets get it right away:

1. Create interesting threads

Users on Nairaland platform can create interesting threads (topics) for others to come and share thoughts and experience. Always let your topics be educational rather than promotional. People dont care about who you are or what you sell, what they care about is what is in it for themselves. So your topics should be interesting such that it can relate to the set of people you are targeting. Lets say for example on your store on cokodeal, you sell fresh catfish and you have gained reasonable experience over the years doing the business. You can create a thread to share your experience in the business, your ups and downs, real life experience to people out there who might be in such business or intending to be. On my observation on people who have made huge impact on Nairaland, people whose contents have been able to impact people, teaching them new things, showing them new ideas and sharing experience create good following while on the stack contrast are those who write ‘bait content’; these people are seen as frauds. So when creating a content on any topic, be sure to give out valuable information, this helps people to trust you and value your content. Giving out valuable content doesn’t mean giving your business formula, it means contents that should educate, entertain or inspire others to become better.

2. Display your knowledge as a thought leader in your field

Part of the reasons why you should create threads is that you want to show yourself as a thought leader on your field. Being a thought leader means you show people you know every aspect of your business or atleast you can command your terrain well enough. When you do that, people can trust your comment and authority. Although the Nairaland platform hasn’t really done much in providing interface that helps recognize top contributors, you can differentiate yourself by creating a signature for every of your content so people would always identify you. Once people can see you as a thought leader, it doesn’t seem like you’re selling anything to them when you refer them to a link to your online store because they know you’ve added something positive to them and you wont con them off their hard earned money.

3. Help people solve their problems by providing constructive solutions

There are loads of people on Nairaland with one question or another.  Be sure to participate in threads where you can exhibit your ultimate knowledge. Provide solutions and leave a signature after every comment and a link (if possible) to your online store on cokodeal.

4. At first hand, let people know who you are and what you stand for

Don’t be hesitant to let people know what you are good at because you never know if you’re talking to potential customers. Do well to let people know what you stand for, so people can identify you and take you serious, then it becomes easy for them to trust your content.

5. Tactically refer people to your online store by leaving a link

On every thread, your comment should be accompanied by a link to your online store. It is not a bad idea to let people know somewhere in your contents you own an online store where you sell your products. People appreciate business people with integrity. By coming open at one point in your conversations and leaving a link to your online store would be a good practice.

6. Prepare a two line pitch sentence for your business with a signature including your store name and a link to your online store. While browsing round Nairaland, you could find interesting content that requires you to pitch what you do, dont hesitate to provide this two-line pitch which says precisely what you do and then encourage them to click to view your online store.

3 important tips on how to optimize your sales process

Optimizing your sales process means you want to achieve the best results using the best possible combination of the resources at your disposal. In order to close a sale, a prospect must progress through each of the sales stages. This means the role of the sales team is to provide prospects with the information, answers and reassurance they need to pass each stage of the sales process. The ultimate question to ask yourself is ‘what can we do to achieve better sales results?’
So lets get right to it:

1. Optimizing lead management

Lead management is a set of methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs. Lead management facilitates a business’s connection between its outgoing consumer advertising and the responses to that advertising.

How much resources do you dedicate to closing a prospect?
How effective are your ads in bringing in qualified leads or prospects more likely to be qualified?
How prompt is your response to prospects inquiries for your products?
How soon does your sales team validates a visitor as a prospect?

2. understanding buyer persona

Understanding your ideal customer can help you set up your lead management activities to meet those set of customers you want. Your buyer persona helps you picture your ideal customers based on facts generated from your research; this can include demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals etc.
Moving a prospect further up the sales pipeline as fast as possible is your sales team target, so Understanding details about your prospects can help you know how best to bring the right people who can move easily up the sales pipeline.

3. Bring sales and marketing together

Create a seamless platform where your sales and marketing team can share data and insights helpful to achieving the ultimate goal of bringing in more qualified prospects(prospects who are more likely to follow through the sales process to close) to your business. It wouldn’t gain you much if your sales and marketing effort work in isolation.
Data generated from your marketing and research effort should be shared with your sales team so they can know how best to engage prospects. Likewise feedback from sales to marketing team like decision triggers can be added to lead generation effort.

10 things customers say they want and can make you a top seller


Are you new to business or aiming to grow your business? From a research here is what we found out that differentiates top sellers from the rest? According to a research by the Rain Group, buyers reveal why they prefer buying from some sellers over the others:

#1 ‘Educated me with new ideas or perspectives’
Your customers wouldn’t need any help if they could figure it out themselves- in fact even if they had a solution handy, they probably would want to explore other solutions and see which is best for them. Providing customers with innovative ideas and perspective to solving their problems is what top seller do expertly according to research and that’s what any seller should do to boost sales. Some business people create blog posts, some e-books or short videos to proffer new ideas or perspectives to solving certain problems.

#2 ‘Collaborated with me’

Customers don’t want to be seen as those being coined out of their money. When customers come to you for solution, they don’t want to be left out of the action. They have a taste of what they want, how they want to be served, do well to listen to them and give them what they want.

#3 ‘Persuaded me we would achieve results’

Customers wants to know if you can deliver. It is your responsibility to prove to her you can deliver and that you can provide the results she wants. Provide every necessary information is possible to lay your claim. Show samples, customer reviews and ratings.

#4 ‘Listened to me’

How do you know how to solve a problem when you don’t know the problem in the first place? The only way to understand a customer’s problem is to listen carefully to them and try sieve out relevant information- as a matter of fact your customers most times don’t know what they want; it is you who needs to be attentive to know the main pain-points and the best solution to meet their need; and this comes by attentive listening to your customers.

#5 ‘Understood my needs’

The moment you can understand her needs, she is confident she has you to always talk to when problems come, and lastly, You should always let your customers know you understand her problems, this also boosts her confidence in you that you’re listening and connect well with her.

#6 ‘Helped me avoid potential pitfalls’

Helping your customers escape imminent pitfalls can win you loyal customers anytime- it works magic! When you see your business as a place where customers can get solution for their problems(not minding if you have to refer your customers to other sellers), your customers can be sure to come back to you to patronize you when they have a problem. This helps build trust that you can always solve their problems (and in some cases places you as a thought leader in your field) whenever they come in contact with your business.

#7 ‘Crafted a compelling solution’

Providing the best solution wouldn’t cut it, rather a providing a compelling solution would make you a top seller every time. What makes a solution compelling isn’t features or attractiveness- or even in how much benefit your customers can get, but in how accurate your solution can meet customers pain-points. proffering a compelling solution can only come when you understand what the customers want.

#8 ‘Depicted purchasing process accurately’

How smooth have you made the purchase process for your customers and is the purchase process exactly as you depicted to your customers? don’t surprise your customers with hidden processes which can drag or frustrate their purchase process.Let them know before-hand what to expect as they through the process. Finally, Much more than ever, do well to make the purchase process easy and simple as much as possible.

#9 ‘Connected with me personally’

Sales experts have shown over the years that we make our buying decisions largely through emotions. Top sellers do well to connect with their customers emotionally. They listen, understand and connect personally with their customers. They know their customers by name, send mails and complementary greetings to their customers. This helps their customers trust them that much more than the money, the sellers are interested in them and their success.

#10 ‘Overall value from the company is superior to other options’

There would always be competition out there. Your ability to differentiate your business is key; you do this not by listing numerous benefits but the quality of value your customers receive when in contact with your business. Your customers must be able to perceive the quality they receive from your business as superior to other options.

4 Smart ways to shop online and not get burned

Hi there, having a great day today? just fondling around the internet i came across a post on nairaland which interests me, it reads “Some Things Online Store Do Which We Don’t Know About”– quite an interesting observation. Often times alot of online buyers get burned by cunning discounts, delievery of fake or inferior products as compared to what they display on their online store or even
sell at higher price more than retailers do  (is internet not suppose to be where to find products cheaper?). Well this calls for some concern doesn’t it? So on this post we will be looking at smart ways to shop online so you dont get burned.

#1.  Doing proper research before placing order

When you pick up a product, the first thing is you want to investigate the product (most times not searching for anything in particular) just to convince yourself enough to make buying decision. In an online setting, researching is what you have to make calculated buying decision online. So what are the best ways to do online shopping research you might want to ask?

Look out for price stamps

Not all price tags have same meanings. If not well understood can cause you make buying decisions you might regret. Your ability to understand what each price tag means can help you make good buying decisions.

Some popular price tags and their meanings

% off

This means a certain amount of percentage has been deducted from the total price of the product. Now when you see this, you want to ask yourself, what is the actual price of this product in the first place? try browsing the price of this product on other sites, compare to see if the discounts reflect; If it doesnt and you still keen on buying the same product and from same seller, you can contact seller for inquiries, talk to them about the discounts and how you want the product, if they could sell at a price you want.

From N

This means, the least amount of price you can see of this product is the one displayed, hence there could be other versions of this products(probably with higher features) which could be of higher price.

Knowing what to buy is key. The specifications, having a price range etc. you must put all these to play.

Under N

Means you can actually see lower prices of this product and its kind starting from the displayed account.

Only N

Means this is the last selling price you can get this product from your seller.

#2.  looking out for authentication stamps if any

The buyers have the money to spend, and are also at higher risk in any online business transactions. That’s why e-commerce platforms make sure they protect their buyers. They put in different ways to help buyer have confidence on who they buy from. Authentication stamps is one of them. When you look at a site like Konga, if you click seller information, you’d find quite some relevant information that can help you know if you dealing with the right business. On cokodeal.com you have customer reviews on every seller page. This reviews are controlled by cokodeal.com not the sellers. Try to read through as much as you can to have a knowledge of what other people’s experience have been with quality of products, price, and warrantee if any.

#3.  Looking out for the product specs

Best practice is to place an order when you are sure of what you want to buy. Even if you weren’t sure from the start, make sure you walk yourself through the rigor of researching what to buy, and then come to final decision before browsing through the online shop for what you want to buy, else you’d be more confused and probably end up with a wrong decision.
A good practice is to know what you want to achieve with whatever product you want to buy.

#4.  Looking out for the little details

Little details can hurt us far deep. Most times we are too eager to click that ‘buy’ button that we forget to pay attention to little details. Some of these details include: Buyers protection, refunds, terms and conditions, how many sales the seller have made, how long the seller has been selling, How responsive is the seller to inquiries? Is the platform a stand-alone or hosted e-commerce platform?

Your research work should be such that you can be convinced enough to buy, if peradventure you still not convinced, you need not jump into placing any order.

How prepared is your online store for the festive rush?

 Brace yourself, things are going to get really hectic! Much more than before in Africa, the e-commerce landscape is increasing and with consumers having increased access to the Internet via mobile technology and a fast-growing middle class, Africa is awake to shopping online as evident in konga.com’s version of ‘Black Friday’ this year raking a record sales of over N1.2 billion.

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