Revenue methods to earn good stream of money online Or a mini business with money making techniques.

I first heard this saying from Mark Ostrovsky and he said;


Hence it has ever stock with me when am searching for new opportunities to earn either online or offline in my day to day dealings. That is why we took time to break down technique hundreds of individuals use to make a living on cokodeal marketplace. Let’s get straight to the points.

  1. Go to your own version of “Alaba street” that is a location in Lagos where large traders and SMEs that offer products in wholesale quantities. If your city doesn’t have a concentrated location for big traders, check out an area of your city that has shipping port (e.g in Lagos Apapa Tin Can), where large traders come to export their goods.

First step to get your first client

  1. Contact the business owner and describe a method of online marketplace to them that you can use to help them bring in large buyers for their goods at no extra cost from them. When they accept, take some digital photos of 20, 30 or 50 products you think might sell well online. These could be raw materials, to cosmetics, to locally produced goods or clothing and textiles materials. However, remember all have to be locally produced.

  2. Make sure to note the costs price, wholesale price and variation in quantity prices of each goods to be sold. Check out how much inventory the business wholesaler has available or quantity that can be produced within a period.

  3. Post them on and list them in an organised way to make your store neat and attractive. Write full product description, specification and advertising copy to accompany your product photos to try and sell.

  4. See which products gets clicked in your account using “product performance tool”, which products are selling, that have more demands and which are not.

Income sharing deals with outside vendors

  1. When there is an order, follow up on the transaction, as you will be contacted directly on your store phone number or via message inbox on your store account and get orders closed.

  2. Fulfil the sale by following through with the wholesaler to send goods directly to the buyer. Get your own mark up sales (i.e how much you placed as the price on the website) or commission on the deal as you may have agreed with the business owner.

Final thoughts

  1. Final step repeat steps 2 – 7 with different other business owner

  2. Watch your profit rise monthly without having the cost of owning all the problems that come with running a personal business.

Remember the most successful sellers sell and resell and resell again. As long as there is inventory to sell, why not keep selling if your customers keep buying.

You can take pictures from business owners producing locally who wants to sell more of what he’s already selling. The ideas are endless.

You just need to start with one. Follow this registration link to get your Free store in place. CREATE A FREE STORE

ALL THE BEST!!!, drop any question in comment box below.

What are the best free online resources you can use to boost traffic to your online store?

It is one thing to own an online store, it is another to drive traffic to your online store. Driving traffic means getting as many as possible people to view your online store and see what you sell. Aside from running an internal ad on cokodeal which can help boost traffic to your store, it is also a good practice not to rest on your oars. So here are some online resources you can leverage to generate traffic to your online store on cokodeal.


According to Alexa, Nairaland is ranked the 8th most trafficked site in Nigeria. Nairaland is a big, broad discussion forum for Nigerians. Covers dozens of topics including romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment. With over half a million members. It is one of Nigeria’s best online platform to connect with people and share what you do. However you must take note that there are tactics to gain a following on Nairaland for your business. Knowing the best way to blend along with other people would help you gain reasonable traffic to your online store on cokodeal.


This social media platform provides you with the ability to share quality content about your products, new designs, and other vital information with people. The beautiful thing is you can encourage your followers to share your content to their own followers. As a seller online, sharing quality pictures, running online competitions, commenting on others status etc would give you strong following and sharing of your contents.


This is another quality resource you can use to boost traffic to your store. Try joining and participating on Facebook groups, commenting on people’s updates and sharing quality information. It is also an opportunity to show yourself as a leader in your field of business. So a good content every now and then in relation to your field of business can help people see you as an expert. But you should be moderate about it so as not to bore people as same time.

What kind of content to share ?

The whole essence of sharing interesting and quality content is to create a following on these platforms. However you should also know beforehand that gaining followers take time; so consistency should be in the mix as well.

what makes up a quality content?

A lot of people have different definition of ‘quality’ . However the bottom line is to share contents that are educative. People should be able to learn or confirm a certain knowledge of something. Use your contents as a way to provide solution to your followers.

How to sell your products online; choosing the right online store platform for your business

If you have a product and looking to get customers through the online medium, having an online store is a very good option. Knowing fully that having what to sell is not enough- but knowing where to sell what you have is equally very key to online selling success. So, how do you know what E-commerce platform is perfect for you?

We help you take this into perspective, by asking two important questions to help you make the right decision.

What do you want to sell?

Considering what you want to sell in deciding where to sell your product is very important. Your products would choose its customers and its ideal market. There are online platforms where selling fashionable clothes or shoes would be an ideal place to sell. For example, if you’re a small scale farmer who is looking to creating an online store to promote your agric produce to get more customers, selling on cokodeal marketplace would be ideal as it is a place where business people would search for products like yours as compared to selling on a platform like where majority shop for things like fashion and electronics.

An advice for you is to look at what you sell. Investigate different platforms to see the kind of products people go there to buy, this can help you have a hint if the platform is ideal for your business.

Where do your target market source for businesses like yours?

When entering any particular business, you want to do a market research- study your target market. Perhaps the reason would be it would help you know what they want, how to give them what they want and where to give them what they want.

Knowing your target customers go-to place to shop for products like yours would help you know where to set up your online store. When it comes to a c2c platform, you know Olx would work for you. People would go to platforms like cokodeal marketplace to source for local manufacturers in Nigeria than go to online sites like Olx or jumia.

By putting these points into proper perspective, you can be able to gain insight as to where is ideal for your business to start selling online.