How to start cocoa exporting business in Nigeria and get international buyers online [Guide]

This guide would give you a broad overview on the cocoa exporting business in Nigeria, and get international buyers online. Cocoa is an important cash crop in Nigeria. It is the highest non-oil export in the country. The cocoa market is estimated to hit 24.25 billion USD in 2024. Cocoa business is still considered under […]

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Case Study: How i made over N200,000 in two months selling El-glittas Hair Wonder and 4 reasons I like selling Nigerian locally-made products in my online business

Case study: Elglitas Hair Wonder cream and Oil The first time I saw this product I had my doubts – will it be good enough? will it fly? Until I started selling and made over N200,000 in two weeks. How it started One day I saw a merchant ship about 20 units of the item- […]

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5 hacks on how to stay profitable in your online business in Nigeria

The bread and butter of any business is to make profit- what then is it if not to be profitable? As a typical small business owner in Nigeria, selling online is another avenue to further get more customers for what you sell. However selling online is quite different from the usual way you run your […]

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How should I start my ecommerce business? Pitfalls and guides.

The internet has played a huge role in the revolution of business in this era. Old ways of reaching customers and conducting business operations has evolved over the years. Things have become more automated. Businesses have had to drastically adjust to the new system of running their business, they’ve embraced the fact that it would […]

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10 things customers say they want and can make you a top seller

  Are you new to business or aiming to grow your business? From a research here is what we found out that differentiates top sellers from the rest? According to a research by the Rain Group, buyers reveal why they prefer buying from some sellers over the others: #1 ‘Educated me with new ideas or […]