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marketplace platform provides SMEs advertising services and advisory

Cokodeal marketplace platform provides SMEs advertising services and advisory. Launched in 2014, Cokodeal is a digital advertising platform for SMEs, allowing businesses to drive sales via its digital marketplace. It offers small businesses marketing and increased visibility, and also offers business advisory services to guide an international commodity trader on fees, documentation and best practices. […]

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Online marketplace to promote locally manufactured goods to emerging new markets

Economy experts have pointed manufacturing as central to a sustainable economy in Africa, According to World Bank Economist Hinh Dinh: “It is the responsibility of African governments to bring foreign direct investment (FDI) to manufacturing to create jobs. The history of economic development is such that any country would need to start producing basic household […]

Cokodeal press release Online store cuts business cost for SME’s

It is imperative to understand the role technology has forced on us all, as we transition from an analogue system of trade to digital, forcing out old methods and creating new ones we have to adapt with. It was published in the media recently; “Online shopping booms, states and businesses lose revenues”. This is as […]


Investment: chances of obtaining BOI loans for business in Nigeria just got better!

For years business person in Nigeria, have bemoaned the slim chance of access to financial support from the government to run their business. Most SME’s have attributed their crippling growth and failure to lack of appropriate funding. This might be changing now because during this year’s IC-CUBE National youth conference, BOI announced their program to […]

Cokodeal press release

Welcome to Cokodeal blog!!!

Cokodeal blog is finally live!!! It has been an intense but fulfilling journey getting cokodeal marketplace up and running. In essence it is a part of our belief and love for Africa. It all took longer than we thought it would take, as it is a platform designed from scratch codes since its inception in […]