The Nigeria Indigenous Chocolate Drink

Enhancing healthy growth and development…

Does your body need maximum nutrients for growth and development? Have you heard of the chocolate that is capable of relieving your pain and depression mood? If not, here comes Redmall chocolate locally produced and packaged in Nigeria with 100 percent natural cocoa bean composite.

In a view to bridging the gap created by the obvious absence of quality chocolate beverage in Nigeria, the Redmall Enterprise Limited emerges with the production and distribution of nutritious and irresistible chocolate known as Le Signature Drinking Chocolate. The chocolate powder is infused with health-centered spices that provide not only chocolate taste but also aids the growth and development of your body.

Having received a series of positive feedbacks and reviews from our clients, we have decided to produce the chocolate drink in different shapes and sizes with a view to catering for individuals, households, and organizations.

It is important to note that it appears in powder and depending on your taste. Since our emergence as a famous chocolate producer in Ondo State, we have continued to enjoy a great deal of patronage among residents and its environs due to the maximum enjoyments they derive from our products. Our chocolate product is quite easy to prepare for onward consumption. In other words, you only need to heap 2 teaspoons in a mug of hot water and add milk. So simple as ABC.

Do you know why our chocolate product stands out among others? Without mere saying, our clients attest to the fact that Le Signature Drinking Chocolate is made up of unique nutrients thereby making it possible to serve multiple functions and benefits.

It is important to note that the unique functions and benefits of our chocolate product entails the provision of maximum nutrients, reduction of pains and depression, reduction of stress and anxiety, enhancement of mental performance, reduction of weight, low cholesterol, among others. Therefore, it is by no means accidental that our chocolate product ranks amongst the most-sought in Nigeria after a mere one-year of existence.

Worthy of note, however, is that you can get our chocolate product at your fingertip without stress. It is being sold across supermarkets nationwide at a very affordable price. It is to be stated that the taste of our chocolate product has sent most local and foreign producers back to their manufacturing board in order to increase the quality of their chocolate.

Beyond profit-making, our goal at Redmall Enterprise Limited is to ensure that consumers are provided with the topnotch chocolate products that will not only enhance their health stability but also stimulate growth and development.

Little wonder that we solely rely on Nigerian cocoa beans as the primary source of production. The beverage sector and Nigerians deserve to be served better, hence; we would not desist from providing satisfactory products for our clients. In order to stay updated about our chocolate product, you can follow us on our Instagram handle @chocolateng7. In the same vein, you can place an order via this link: or call the seller directly through this Number (07033832239) and we promise to deliver in a timely, effective and efficient manner. 

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