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This ecommerce helps get US, UK, Europe buyers for foodstuff suppliers in Africa

Cokodeal Limited helps local producers in Nigeria supply stores and warehouses, Nigeria foodstuffs in UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Russia. a leading exporter of commodities and foodstuffs platform has launched a direct foodstuffs supply to stores in US and foreign countries, majorly Afro stores and warehouses.

Cokodeal Director of Communications Akin Omotere says the company believes the market accessibility is perfectly aligned with company mission to connect intra-Africa trade with global markets, and its vision to improve well-being of Africans through trade.
“Afro centric food supply is an incredibly growing market, due to constant migration of Africans to developed nations which has surging demand for local dishes”.

The vast majority of Nigeria local producers and suppliers of foodstuffs do not have the know-how or even where to begin, stated Akin. “This is not about family or individual item sourcing through families and friend’s network which is the norm; seamless electronic digital marketplace order, supply to diaspora market stores and warehouse is a game changer and will create access for many hard working local suppliers producing international standard quality goods he confirmed.
Cokodeal Director of Communications – Akin Omotere states that

To deliver its diaspora African market, Cokodeal has begun partnership with major retailers and distributors in US and UK for Afro foods channels. These distributors have been supplying for years, with an organised large network. “We could not be more excited about our partnership with”- some of the partners highlighted -”we have been in need of a reliable source for quality goods supply from Africa to service our market”

Cokodeal is having an on-going discussion to partner with Fidelity bank for SMEs, to provide banking and financial support for export market transactions and with flutter-wave Rave payment for international funds retrieval for local suppliers to ease the trade flow.

This is a build up for the huge international market access for local foodstuff producers of well over 100million African diaspora consumers.
Over the past years, Cokodeal has been a frontier for connecting local suppliers in Africa with local and international markets – promoting local content. Bringing in quality global buyer contacts for local sellers of produce in Nigeria and other African countries.

It’s safe to say it has gained good traction so far, looking back from where cokodeal started few years ago. With market access to products like; yam flour, cassava, sesame seeds, ogbono, cocoa bean, dried fish have all been exporter through to foreign buyers.
With a niche as unique as this, it is only a matter of time until cokodeal becomes a house-hold name for export. While ecommerce marketplace in Nigeria has been challenging and a revelation, the solutions it has provided so far haven’t quite struck it exactly where it really hurts for the Nigerian economy, but platforms like cokodeal are definitely on the right track and if they keep it up this way, they can really be a force to reckon with in Africa.

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