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An interview with cokodeal team and how it helps businesses become successful online.


  1. Tell us about Cokodeal and the solutions you’re offering. is an advertising platform for SMEs and an international commodity trade advisory company for indigenous businesses in Africa.

Cokodeal solutions includes;

Accessibility to goods produced by manufacturers, farmers and indigenous businesses.

Cokodeal offers effective low cost advertising for businesses to reach wider audience with consistency that cannot be achieved on television, radio or billboards.

Ease of Cross border trading of commodities produced in different countries to other African countries and global market.

International trade advisory, to save international traders huge cost of un-informed cost and trade practices.



  1. How does the Cokodeal platform operate? is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect to primarily trade products manufactured in Africa.

Merchants and commodity traders create storefronts to advertise goods to prospective buyers.

Cokodeal promotes goods globally, Buyers from different region contact cokodeal or manufacturer directly for supplies.

Cokodeal broker deals between both parties and ensure safe delivery, receiving funds through escrow to credit parties on successful transaction.

Cokodeal also operates personalized digital advertising for businesses to drive quick sales and targeted regions for export to get buyers.

Cokodeal gives best of knowledge information through its advisory consultation to international businesses.



  1. What social problem are you solving.

Unemployment, increase in GDP through exports and economic value of traders in African countries.

The rate of unemployment is drastically increasing, with many people with low or no income. There are big job opportunities in the value chain network of trade across Africa, from logistics, sourcing agents, freight forwarders, production, and retailers to end users.

Increase in GDP will come as a result of increase in exports


  1. What inspired the idea to begin Cokodeal?

Africa cannot continually be a predominantly consuming continent as rich as Africa is.

Africa will not rise to 1st world through aid but trade.

Africa possesses some of the best human resources, intelligence and physical capacity that need to be properly channeled for the rise of the continent.


  1. Since launch, how has the response been from Africans?

Its huge, as the informal trade unrecorded by statistics is very large. Lots of orders from different African countries majorly for raw materials, agricultural products, textile and leather product.



  1. Currently, manufacturers trading on the Cokodeal platform are from which African counties?

Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and Rwanda.


  1. How would you rate the patronage level of locally-made goods in Nigeria, and how can this be further improved?

It is high, the untold truth is that many of the goods many of us use is produced locally and packaged differently, especially leather products, building accessories, foods and textile.

The way it can be improved is by ensuring manufacturers improve on their quality and we ensure a massive promotion for the goods to increase demands.


  1. Please share some success stories you’ve had with Cokodeal

Cokodeal has helped a handful of manufacturers’ link with US, UK retailers that sell their goods in stores abroad.

Cokodeal have Broker large trade deals between many manufacturers in Lagos, Aba and other cities with buyers within the nation and other African countries.

Cokodeal has opened up resources available in Nigeria and some other African countries to interested investors and procuring agents that have increased the value of the local business.


  1. Tell us the story behind your foray into entrepreneurship.

It’s a way of life. A few of us cannot just live getting by and consuming everything, always wanted to give a lot more and create things that improve wellbeing of people in every little bit. I have been an entrepreneur for over 13 years. Got in it early not for the money nor fame. It is a way of life.


  1. What challenges did you face starting out, and how did you overcome them?

Challenges are numerous over a thousand challenges so far, however will deal with getting first capital which is a challenge for some people not to start their businesses, the hard truth is most people do not want to cut down on their lifestyle to chase their dreams.

If you have a mobile phone that is of much value, it is a good place to begin, sell it and put the funds into your start. After you start you will find a way to learn and progress. The idea is give up anything of value to get your foot in the doors to start, don’t be dead fearful of what comes after, you will learn, re-learn and later learn how to walk till some day you can run.

Entrepreneurship is complex because there are lots of things you need do and you do not have the full experience, most times you learn and improve on the job.


  • What are the future plans for Cokodeal?

To build a unicorn; over billions of dollar valuation company employing over 40,000 people with foots in every African country. SMEs digital advertisement and intra-Africa commodity trade to global market is a $600,000,000,000 market.

Cokodeal aims to be the company with the largest market share controlling commodity trade in Africa to global market.

For additional information.

Send a mail to or watsapp 08163229560

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