Why Ghana, not Nigeria, is largest yam exporter in West Africa

The careful remark has proven that the hassle with Nigeria leading the export exchange of yam has extra to do with loss of shape, process, and garage. The point is if there is something special about Ghana on the yam export window, it’s miles how this 30 million population is seizing the opportunity in their dependent build-up across the enterprise.

The Ministry of Agriculture and its agents had seen what branding looks as if in a standard Ghanaian yam marketplace. One of the elements to be enumerated is Nigeria’s poor sense of packaging and branding. Unfortunately, these are not possible things. Sincerely, what we have seen of packaging of yam in Ghana is sufficient to sweep one off the feet. In Ghana, yams are properly packed like beverages, a complete shift of what we’ve right here in Nigeria. According to the Ghana Yam and Exporters Association, the strategy became to assist contributors to ensure food safety or traceability. In doing this, on a commodity as yam, undergoing the following techniques cross a protracted manner to expose the seriousness of a stakeholder

Ghana’s yam packaging procedure

Selection: – The yams cautiously decided on the premise of

Uniformity – yams with the same range and sizes.

Yam should be firm and unfastened from apparent defects, clean and direct.

Yam has to be cured 7-8 days at 30˚c (86˚ – 90˚F), leaving it in an airy and shady vicinity for per week with 90-95% R.H (Relative humidity).

Yam, that is light in weight for his or her size must be avoided (rot can set interior without it being visible externally).

In agreement to the Ghana Yam and Exporters Association, the technique was to help individuals to ensure meals traceability. Present process the subsequent technologies move a long way to expose the seriousness of a stakeholder.

Ghana’s yam packaging system

1.    Selection: – The yams cautiously decided on the idea of

2.    Diversity – yams with the same variety and sizes.

3.    Yam must be firm and unfastened from apparent defects, secure and instantly.

4.    Yam must be cured 7-eight days at 30˚c (86˚ – 90˚F ), leaving it in an airy and shady place for per week with ninety-95% R.H (Relative humidity).

5.    Yam, this is mild in weight for his or her size, has to be averted (rot can set inner without it seen externally).

The Nigerian Yam project

Nigeria is by way of a long way the world’s biggest manufacturer of yams, accounting for over 70–seventy-six per cent of the world production. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization document, in 1985, Nigeria produced 18.3 million tonnes of yam from 1.5 million hectares, representing seventy-three. Eight per cent of total yam production in Africa According to 2008 figures, yam production in Nigeria has nearly doubled in view that 1985, with Nigeria producing 35.017 million metric tonnes with a cost equal of US$five.654 billion. In attitude, the world’s second and 0.33 biggest manufacturers of yams, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, most effective produced 6.9 and 4.8 million tonnes of yams in 2008 respectively. According to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria accounted for about 70 per cent of the world production amounting to 17 million tonnes from land region 2,837,000 hectares below yam cultivation.

Yam is within the elegance of roots and tubers that are a staple of the Nigerian and West African weight loss plan, which affords a few two hundred energy of power per capita every day. In Nigeria, in many yam-generating regions, its miles stated that “yam is food and food is yam”. However, the production of yam in Nigeria is significantly quick and can’t meet the growing demand at its gift level of use. It additionally has a crucial social reputation in gatherings and non-secular functions, which classified by using the dimensions of yam holdings one possesses.

The yam undertaking isn’t a unique one. It is, approximately, identical assignment as faced with the aid of farmers typically running inside the United States. Here we’re, nevertheless suffering with;

1.    Lacks of right garage centers

2.    Transportation system hiccups

3.    A shortage of equipment

4. Significant dependency on human constrained strength

Yam Exportation Out of Nigeria

Yam (Dioscoreaspp). It is an essential meal crop, specifically in the yam area of West Africa. Although higher than six hundred species of the tuber exist, just a few are critical as staple food inside the tropics. These encompass white yam (D. rotundata), yellow yam (D. Cayenensis), water yam (D. Alata), trifoliate yam (D. Dumetorum), aerial yam (D. bulbifera) and Chinese yam (D. Esculenta).

In 2004, worldwide yam manufacturing was about 47 million metric lots (MT), with 96% of this coming from Africa.

It is the second most crucial root/tuber crop in Africa, with manufacturing reaching just below one third the extent of cassava.

Yam produced in all of the states of the federation through the product provided extra in Benue, Oyo, and Nassarawa.

Some of the opposite yam generating states in Nigeria includes Sokoto, Abia, Anambra, Delta, Edo, Enugu, Ebonyi, Niger, Taraba, Osun, and Plateau.

Mature yams harvested at the end of the rainy season or early part of the dry season, which coincides with the give up of vegetative increase.

According to facts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a predicted forty eight.7 million tones of yam were produced worldwide in 2005, with sub-Saharan Africa accounting for 97 in step with cent of this parent.

In Nigeria by myself, export income from yams hit N56bn in 2008, up from N37bn realized in 2007, and approximately N70bn realized from yam export the last yr. In 2008 the World production of yam became fifty-one.4 million tones according to yr out of which Nigeria accounts for an average of 36.7 million tones,

Nigeria has a comparative advantage in the production and export of yam. The international locations presently control approximately 70-76 % of the sector’s manufacturing.

The investor should take advantage of the worldwide yam marketplace that is growing at approximately three% yearly and growing the market percentage of Nigerian yam that’s in general exported to Japan through exporting the first-rate yam to Europe and America.

Reference: Https://foramfera.Com/marketresearchreports/importexport-wholesale-and-retail-alternate/yam-export-from-nigeria-the-feasibility-report/

Agricultural Export Company in Nigeria

  • Akwatek Ventures Nig Ltd 
  • Kpotun Foods Limited 
  • Tundex Multi-service Limited 
  • Borderbuy Ltd 
  • Salcoms Farmers Mpcs Ltd 
  • Abidec by Global Services Ltd. 
  • 3t Impex Trade Academy 
  • Valla Andre Equity Limited
  • She Elgance Nigeria Ltd 
  • Clitelog Global Services
  • Bosola Venture

Bitter kola commercial enterprise in Nigeria

The worldwide marketplace cost for 1kg of Bitter kola is round 17Dollars which is set N2550 in Nigeria.

How to begin a Bitter kola export enterprise

Bitter kola may found in abundance in lots of villages of Nigeria, and it’s additionally very cheap. So you may start bitter kola export enterprise on a small scale with at the least N80, 000 and above.

  1. Before you start your export enterprise, please ensure your corporation duly registered with the corporate affairs fee of Nigeria for authenticity.

You have to make particular you package deal Bitter kola in parcels to satisfy global widespread, the Bitter kola you need to export ought to be of high first-rate; it needs to be loose from sand, dust, and stains.

  • To begin and make money exporting Bitter Kola from Nigeria, you need to get more remarkable facts on the following.

How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria Bitter Kola

  • How to get them to signal export agreement with you
  • How to touch of neighborhood exporters in Nigeria
  • How to make cash from export brokerage business right for your room without capital
  • How to source for cheap Bitter Kola in Nigeria
  • Method of fee diagnosed in export business.
  • Export enterprise documentation.

Make Yam or Bitter Kola Your Mini Exportation Business

To start this business on a mini scale, you have to contact dealers of African nutrition to your country of interest. But if you have a person that can stand in as middleman may be relatively higher than you. Exportation business is very paramount. You have to engage in many of the markets because lack of awareness on how to begin the activity.

Bitter kola, breadfruit, Pepper, cashew, charcoal, crayfish, Edible neighborhood chalks, Fabrics, Garlic, Ginger, Groundnut, Hibiscus flower, Kolanut, Locust beans, melon, Moringa seeds, Melon, Ogbono seed, Palm fruit, Palm oil, Plantain, tiger nut, Shea butter.

What Yams is use for Abroad

Yam is a member of the monocotyledonous own family Dioscoreaceae and is a staple food in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean areas Yam is eaten up as raw yam, cooked soup, and powder or flour in meals arrangements.

Yam tubers have various bioactive components, namely, mucin, dioscin, dioscin, allantoin, choline, polyphenols, diosgenin, and nutrients inclusive of carotenoids and tocopherols.

Mucilage of yam tuber includes soluble glycoprotein and dietary fiber. Research has proven hypoglycemic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant activities of yam extracts. Yams may additionally stimulate the proliferation of gastric epithelial cells and beautify digestive enzyme activities within the small gut.

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