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Raw Peanut
4000 Kg

The GADCO Is a peanuts Roasting and processing and marketing company based at Lekki Lagos Nigeria We seek Raw peanuts suppliers to supply us in bags of 100 kilo jute bags exw Lagos Nigeria Payment bank to bank We want constant supplies on weekly or monthly Price is negotiable Better price more quantity per week or per month. Good quality grade Sample is needed before confirm order. Send samples and prices to this WhatsApp or by email to Phone+234-812-888-2346 contact person JC Macby sr Head: Business Development THE GADCO GROUNDNUTS DEALERS AND BULK PURCHASERS WANTED A FULLY BRANDED DEALERSHIP THAT COMES WITH T SHIRTS FACE CAPS TABLE, CHAIRS AND UMBRELLAS. FOR FULL DETAILS SEND YOUR REQUEST TO THIS WHATSAPP PAGE OR BY EMAIL +234-812-888-2346 WITH A PROTECTED TERRITORY WE ASSIST DEALERS IN MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS. TRAINING AND RESOURCE MATERIALS THE GADCO DEALERSHIP YOUR NEXT BIG DEAL. Distributors will be protected with territory and training available with resource materials with back up office support THE GADCO QUALITY GROUND NUTS WHOLESALE/BULK PRICES: 100 ML BOTTLE DOZEN N80 PER BOTTLE 12 BOTTLES IN A CARTOON 80 X 12; N960 160X12 N1960 200 X12 N2,400 300 X 12 N3,600 400 X12 N4,800 700 X 12 N8,400 800 X 12 N9,600 SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICES ARE ---------------------------------- N100 X 12 N1,200 N200 X 12 N2,400 N300 X 22 N3,600 N450 X 12 N5,400 N550 X 12 N6,600 N850 X 12 N10,200 N1000 X 12 N12,000 The Bottle Sizes are from 100 ml pet plastic bottle 200 ml pet plastic bottle 25cl pet plastic bottle 35 cl pet plastic bottle 45 cl pet plastic bottle 75 cl pet plastic bottle 85 cl pet plastic bottle For Retail price from N100 To N1000 For bulk purchase/ wholesale prices from N80 to N800 per bottle Dozen prices from N960 A Dozen To N9,600 A dozen. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR BULK AND WHOLESALE PURCHASES: MINIMUM QUANTITY ORDERS ARE TWENTY (20) DOZENS OF EACH SIZE BOTTLE PRICES ARE EX FACTORY WE CAN DELIVER TO YOUR SHOP OR STORE YOU SEND YOUR OWN LOGISTICS TO COME COLLECT THEM OR WE FORWARD THEM TO YOUR ADDRESS YOU ARRANGE YOUR LOGISTICS. DEALERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT. TO BE APPOINTED A DEALER OBTAIN DEALER APPLICATION FORM WITH N15,000 FILL IT AND RETURN IT FOR CONSIDERATION AND LOCATION.(S) TO THE GENERAL MANAGER THE GADCO LEKKI LAGOS NIGERIA
0817 902 2759
500 Bags
Peanut and sesame needed
50 Kg
Share mine site images and samples
10 Tonnes
I want to buy bitter cola iam in ghana my whtsapp is +233576888859 text me message thanks
800 Pieces
I will like to know your prices for jumbo snails and if you ship to the UK. Please. Send a WhatsApp message for more details.
0703 281 9863
200 Tonnes
Please if your company has clean , u processed rice - WhatsApp
+234 703 281 9863
50 Tonnes
Please if your company has clean , bagged maize , WhatsApp
0703 281 9863
300 Tonnes
Please if your company has good sorghum grade , WhatsApp
80 Tonnes
Importing for our warehouse. Do let us know what grades, sizes and specification available at best rates.
650 Drums
We are buying drums of hydrated lime. Please if you have well processed clean quality - send via email.
1000 Pallets
No41 Abriba street
600 Tonnes
We need best price at good quality delivered to Apapa Lagos. Up to 1000 tonnes. We can also pickup. Kindly WhatsApp
1000 Tonnes
We are buying in large quantity very well dried Alfalfa Hays Grass for animals feeding. Please if you have a quality grade notify our partner cokodeal: to connect you directly to our warehouse - procurement manager.
0916 950 0335
25 Litres
Natural honey
0803 424 2380
140 Kg
20 Tonnes
I need charcoal briquettes imported. Full details via email