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Dried Catfish
50000 Pieces

We are dealers in all types of dried foodstuff ,we have experienced in food exportation

 Oven Dried Catfish
0812 266 4774
3000 Boxes
Our oven dried catfish is neatly and hygienically processed. Stone free, crunchy and crispy. Dried to export standard. We supply in bulk to buyers within and outside Nigeria
 Catfish Mangala
1 Piece
River catfish mangala dried to export standard and available in big and medium sized. Express shipping at affordable price. WhatsApp; 08037607822
 Oven Dried Smoked Catfish
0811 575 4075
50 Kg
The fish is dried with an oven there is no smoke involved in the drying process, no addictives, no artificial flavours. Our fish is well dried, cripsy and crunchy. We can supply a minimum of 50 kg after 72 hours of your order.
 Dried Chilli Pepper
0813 694 7190
200 Bags
We are into foodstuff supplies to Restaurant, African stores in US, UK, Canada and any part of the world needed.
 Well Smoked Catfish
50 Boxes
Well smoked catfish available, export standards.
 Dried Catfish
50 Pieces
Fresh, hygienically and organically processed.
 Dried Oven Catfish
5 Boxes
Natural fresh oven dried catfish, hygienically packaged. small size 40pcs per carton medium size 30pcs per carton big size 25pcs per carton
 Food Items
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
We are at your service to ease you of all worry and burden for food items, local beauty products, and clothings . Food items like grains, vegetables, fresh and frozen foods, canned goods,beverages, food ingredients, tubers, are all availab...
 Smoked Catfish
0813 226 2651
100 Boxes
We sell in Cartons. A Carton of Catfish contains 52 pieces per Carton Price:# 45,000 A Carton of the middle part of the fish catfish (Cut Cut) contains 210 pieces per Carton. Price: #42,500. Feel free to call or chat us up on WhatsApp...
 Dried Catfish
0906 180 3024
50 Kg
We produce hygienically over dried catfish at a friendly pocket price.
 Dried Catfish
50 Kg
We have over 200kg of catfish available
 Oven Dried Catfish
0706 799 5299
1000 Kg
Hygienically processed and tasty oven dried catfish. Spot free and sand free
 Smoked Catfish
1 Kg
Smoked african channel catfish, comes in a 1kg pack or a box of 10 kg
 Smoked Catfish
250 Kg
The smoked fish can be made ready and be transported within a very short time.
 Dried Bitterleaf
0703 305 1828
500 Pieces
We deliver as your specifications request is. Chat us up today and receive a very good service from us.