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product description
Anderson Alejandro
20 Boxes


 Cereals And Beverages.
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
Beverages and cereals like cornflakes, goldmorn, cocopop, fruits and fibre, Quaker oat, Cheerios, rice crispiest, frostiest, Milo, varieties of milk are available for supply in bulk according to your demand. Call or whatsapp 08107944184/080...
0787 372 3571
10 Bags
 12 Golden Ziplock Bags Or Pouches With Transparent Window
0809 443 2688
5000 Pieces
Stand up Golden zip lock pouches Smaller sizes are cheaper and bigger sizes have higher prices Good packages for grains, powders, and spices. Storage capacity: 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg Size 18cm × 26cm Size 22cm×30cm Discount available for 50 ...
 Gusset Transparent Zip Lock Pouch
0809 443 2688
2500 Pieces
Size volume: (30cm length ×20cm breadth) + (4cm×3 base & sides width) storage capacity: can contain up to 3kg of flour. ziplock bags with clear transparency. resealable food package with tear notch and self-sealing zipper, these zip loc...
 Stand-Up Transparent Ziplock Bag / Pouch
19500 Pieces
Sizes: 18.5cm×11cm 20cm×12cm 26cm ×16cm 26cm×18cm 30cm×20cm 32cm×22cm 40cm×30cm ziplock bags with clear transparency. resealable food package with tear notch and self-sealing zipper, these zip lock bags are good for storing cereals, seasoni...
 25Pcs Food Net Bags With Their Lock Buckles
0809 443 2688
1200 Pieces
Perfect for Supermarket sales to preserve freshness & quality of food like eggs, nuts, apples, agbalumo, potatoes, carrots, garlic, ginger, onions, oranges, & strawberries. Discount for 100pieces and above.
 Plantain Chips
2500 Pieces
We have crunchy Plantain Chips at affordable price. You can Whatsapp us and we'll export to you wherever you're in the world. Place your order and let's talk.
 Dried Ugwu
2500 Pieces
We have Dried Ugwu (Dried Pumpkin) leaf in abundance and at affordable price. Whatssapp us and let's deliver to you anywhere you are in the world.
 Yam Flour
80 Kg
We have Yam Flour (Elubo Isu) in stock and we are ready to sell to anyone seeking to buy from anywhere around the world.
 Palm Kernel Cake
200 Bags
Palm kernel cake used as feed for chicken,pigs and other livestock
 Oven Dried Catfish
0812 266 4774
3000 Boxes
Our oven dried catfish is neatly and hygienically processed. Stone free, crunchy and crispy. Dried to export standard. We supply in bulk to buyers within and outside Nigeria
 White Garri
100 Pieces
Number 32 Alaji Hassan street ayobo,Lagos.
 Hibiscus Flower
2000 Tonnes
We offer premium quality Nigerian dried hibiscus flowers. We sell both large and small quantity. Interested buyers should send their immediate requirements, and we will revert with our competitive offer.
250 Bags
Available on demand
 Catfish Mangala
1 Piece
River catfish mangala dried to export standard and available in big and medium sized. Express shipping at affordable price. WhatsApp; 08037607822