How does Cokodeal work?

On Cokodeal you can create easy to setup e-commerce stores and start meeting thousands of customers who are ready to buy, so setup a store now and start selling!

Cokodeal is Africa’s largest local content e-commerce with the vision to connect inter and intra Africa trades to global market. We provide affordable, easy-to use self managed store fronts on a cross multinational promotion ecommerce platform, hence helping our customers sell more.


Click on Create Free Store, and Register your business

Login, add products to your store. You are ready to begin trade.

Your store name will appear on google search 1st page in 3days.


Each of your products have your contact phone number, buyers will contact you directly for business. Or Send message within the platform.


For Buyers

Search for Products only made in Africa.

Contact Seller directly via on platform messaging or direct phone call. To source for Wholesale goods.


How Delivery is Done:

Buyers contact seller, and seller sends the goods to the buyer or contact cokodeal logistic support, we link store owner with our 3rd party partner to help with its deliveries.



We guarantee easy-to-use ecommerce stores

We have taken care of the technicalities, you don’t have to do all the hard stuffs, all you need do is create a store, upload your products and start selling. Sellers are also provided with easy-to-use online storefront management tools to be able to manage their businesses.


We guarantee increasing customer base for your business

Now the whole of Africa and the world can see whatever you’re selling. No more owning an ecommerce site and not sure to get customers. Cokodeal marketplace is a one big market community, with thousands of buyers and sellers doing trades daily all over Africa and the world at large.


Our Charges

To setup a store is Free.

To increase sales, join a membership subscription, with cost Basic: N990 ($3), 2800 ($9), and Premium N10500 ($30)

For Exporters, we have a per consultation charges, rendering professional service to ensure a successful export.

Goods Return Policy

Items bought directly or through third party suppliers shall be verified and confirmed. In cases where buyer or consumer have complaints for such goods. Cokodeal verification center will check for defects or causes of return. If confirmed true, goods will be processed to be returned. This process takes between 1 - 20 working days depending on the volume and location of the goods.


Refund Policy

Money back guarantee on all transactions with cokodeal. Cokodeal refund policy, the transaction screening department of cokodeal investigates cause of disatisfaction and engage user if it can be remedied. After investigation, if information provided is valid. The company will begin a retract and refund. This process takes an average of 1 - 15 working days. The whole funds or amount due will be refunded during this period


We guarantee Affordable cost of running e-commerce business

Running a stand-alone ecommerce business can be really technical and also very expensive. Cokodeal has helped simplified things and made it very affordable to run successful business online with low cost and also be assured of customers visiting your stores to do business across Africa.


Spending a lot of money promoting your business online and not getting as much customers as you wanted?

At, thousands of business growing their customer base, thousands of deals made and counting, thousands of sales made daily all over Africa with incredibly affordable cost of running their businesses.

Over 5000 sellers on our market place with products ranging from textiles, agricultural products, natural resources, fashion, accessories, machines, crafts, arts and services etc

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