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Become an investor/partner in the Commodity Bank –a Pan African export platform. We use technology to coordinate agric, minerals, export and investments.

Why should you invest in Africa and with us?

Africa has one of the best returns on investment, recently a Nigerian payment tech company - Paystack sold for $200million making its investors millionaires. Food, commodities is abundant in Africa, it is one of the industry that was recession proof during the pandemic and growing at a phenomenal rate.

The commodity Bank

Is a premier frontier technology business combining Agro commodities export across Africa to trade globally. Rated “Best export platform in Africa” on Google

Returns on investment

A % bonus of total fund invested

Role of Technology in Africa

More like 15 years ago in USA. Early investors joined Amazon that became the biggest tech firm, making many millionaires. Technology in Africa will enrich early investors

Infrastructure trading in 8 African countries

We have fully built a technology Infrastructure trading in 8 African countries. With full ownership of its propriety software. Expanding at a fast rate, because of less competition in the digital export market. With a goal to become a monopoly in Africa international commodities trade

8 Countries

African countries on platform


Communication with clientele


Businesses trading on platform

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There is a need to tap into the large foreign exchange that could come into the country through the export of Agricultural items. Exportation of agricultural products is a gold mine, with the high demand products such as; bitter kola, ginger, sesame seeds, honey, palm oil, kernel shell, okro, ofada rice, cassava etc. It is imperative for people to key into these opportunities by aiming for expansion to meet this demand and earn in dollars

Cokodeal a global trader over the last 10 years with over 6200 merchants on platform and over 21,000 export deals, is aware of the need to proffer a solution to these problem, and as well as harness the potential of the continent through the Agricultural commodity sector to impact millions of lives. Be A Part Of The Change You Will Love To See In Africa!

Partner with us, invest in Cokodeal and watch us solve the problem of agriculture in Africa, thereby harnessing the potential it holds and giving you a great return on your investment in a fast growing large market.

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